My Day Ahead – Oct 31, 2019

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Sheila’s cough got a little worse through the night, but I think we’re still going to see the 6 year and the school’s Halloween parade at the start of classes.

Fixed coffee, debated whether to have an ultra early breakfast, or eat out at Central Market Cafe after Max’s Halloween school parade.

I’m beginning to think, get items we need at Central Market after, but maybe I could still fix breakfast at home after. But might run us too late for the SilverSneakers yoga class mid-morning at Gold’s Gym.

I guess we’ll see. It’s not even 6am yet lol! 😊

Hope to fix up a post my the 1st painting I’ve worked on since late Spring. I’d had it mostly done, an abstract-ly landscape, but had never put in the profile of Mount Mansfield. Worked on that last two days. Thought I was happy with it, but looking at it yesterday evening before bed, thought the base of the mountain shape could use a little feathering. I’ll check it out again later today then do the post w/pre-resumption and completed works pics of it. And did get the post w/pics of yesterday’s visit to the Old Bakery up. The Veterans art I thought was esp good 🇺🇸


Yesterday was a weird wet windy day the winded up being okay! Actually half way decent, lol! 😊

I’d dreaded spending the morning active, getting tired, too tired, then going, no, driving to and fro from the Old Bakery. That good old Austin traffic!

So I took it one thing at a time, after breakfast of course 😊

I finished the day’s My Day Ahead post.

I painted on my painting.

And helped carry the groceries Sheila’d gotten at Sprouts in when she got home. She’d insisted I stay home. She took the morning in the wet cold to the store, knowing I’d take the wet afternoon to the art gallery. She does stuff like that ❤️

The drive to the Bakery wasn’t bad til I got about a third of the way there, then began to jam up, but kept moving, mostly. This’d be my first time there since before the 2nd surgery, and I was determined now to get there, did, and got the last parking space, without having to stop to use the bathroom. Minor miracle, but still miracle class, lol! When I pulled in, I could see staff and an artist (all the artists, like me, are seniors, or so, at 50+ and older 😊) struggling in the wind to pack an SUV with gallery wrapped canvases. I parked and went straight to the back door where they were trying to pack away the art into the car.

“I can help her,” I said to the staff mbr.

They went inside in a hurry to help another artist.

The exiting artist and I wiggled and fit her art into her SUV. “I can’t believe how crammed it is!” she said, eyeing her cargo.

“We’ll call it snug,” I teased.

She smiled, nodded, and headed out.

Inside, except for a Veterans Art show crossing over into the new month, most of the art was off the walls (literally, vs figuratively 😊) so I began removing name plates, hooks, tape, stickies, all the various ways needed to hang an assortment of art on an assortment of walls (screens, limestone, flat walls, and pedestals).

Gradually, I got to speak to each of the three staff on hand that day. Just like any other folk, some were always nice right off, some were tentative but always got nicer, and some sized me up first then almost always got nicer too. I’m not a bad guy. Just hard to tell about me sometimes, I think, with my beard and two-month at a time disappearing act. But they knew I’d had 2 surgeries now. Almost everyone grimaces ‘bout my S shaped esophagus that was straightened, and laughs when I tell I like veggies now, and they did also, grimaced and laughed. But something ‘bout the way I looked, and they hadn’t seen me for over two months, seemed to make them take pause. I recognized it ‘cause I realized I’d done the same thing over many years with many folks who’d had something that’d caused a trauma to them.

Sheila says it’s cause I lost so much weight.

“But everybody says I look good,” I told her back home.

“That’s cause they see you everyday and know how you’ve done.”

She meant our family, and friends of hers that’ve seen me a few times at Gold’s Gym or such.

“You’re a little gaunt,” she added.

“Gaunt? I don’t think so.”

She nodded.

And even she (my wife) didn’t get mad when I told her I’d left my heavy coat and gloves at the Bakery. “I already emailed them & let them know,” I told her.

She nodded again, said, “You wanna have that apple and cheese now?”

That sounded good to me. I was hungry.

After, the wind kicked up.

I opted to go to one of the workout rooms in the complex, use the treadmill, took my wireless ear plugs as I call them 😊 and listened to Dire Straits, Børns, and Harry Styles. That got me through 15 minutes and I could feel my legs tightening. Time to rest. Time to stretch. Time to go home to Sheila ❤️

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