My Day Ahead – Oct 30, 2019

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Today will either be a very long drive and afternoon in cold wet weather to the Old Bakery, or a regretfully unable to go there day. I need to go, haven’t been there since right before my 2nd surgery. Need to chip in taking down this passing month’s show, check what of my prints might need restocking, and just see folks 😊

This is one time it’s more out of my hands than in so to speak 😊 so we’ll just have to see.

Meanwhile, hope you get to take a peek at my Renoir reblog posted today. The article it links to is chock full of samples of his work, some I’d never seen before, and the post, by Eric Wayne, is I think, superb.

Reminded me of a Prime movie about Renoir and his son I’ve had on my Watch List, and I hoping to also get that nearly 2 hour block of time for that today too. Yeah, we’ll see ‘bout that too, lol 😂

All good problems ‘bout having a full life ❤️

I’ll take it! 💕


Well, winter chased a timid autumn spirit from Texas yesterday. I’ve altered my walks to crucial ten+ minutes after each meal, as per WebMD’s info re blood sugar, and – after much hunting for a few won’t-start-without them item/excuses – painted for the 1st time since right before the move (mid-May).

I’d hope to finish a 12×18 that was the last I’d worked on this past Spring, and really could’ve stopped at several points, but each time felt I could really make it special. Generally I just messed it up over and over, fixed it back over and over, and finally left it after several hours (having forgotten the energy it takes to paint, at least the way I do, lol!)

Would love to work on it again today, but will have to see if the weather clears enough for me to go to the Old Bakery 1st time since before the 2nd surgery. 90% chance of rain, high winds, 45 min drive into town. We’ll have to see 😊 I’ll have to be careful getting started painting today then, ‘cause one thing hasn’t changed since my lull from painting — time becomes a bubble & I’ve no concept while I’m concentrating fit it’s been minutes or it’s been hours. A refuge and a blessing ❤️

Glad I was able to do a (relatively) quick reblog of Eric Wayne’s really interesting, picture sample filled, critique of Renoir as a painter amid – some circles I guess, it’s not my wife & I, lol! – negative criticisms about his as both a painter and a person!

Did also add a couple of Renoir and Impressionist items (a book and a movie) to my Impressionism Idea page on Amazon. The movie, produced by Renoir’s son the great movie director, is something I really want to make time for. It’s got over 300 4+ star reviews, and is available free for me via my Prime membership.

So I’ve lots of blessings to look forward to. Now it’s just about pacing 😊

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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  1. I only skimmed Eric’s Renoir article, funny comments! I sympathize with you about the traffic, we too deal with horrible traffic, it often dictates where and what we do, it often deters me from going places I’d like to go. Ugh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • His article is pretty dense, but also has tons of pretty paintings, lol! I can imagine out there in California! Austin is large, but it’s real problem is the lack of infrastructure to handle the traffic. Houston had the same problem back in the 70s, stalled about doing something major, then had so many horrible accidents (18 wheelers going off flyovers onto freeways below, etc) it bore down and did what it had to. Austin? Well… 😊 ps – glad you felt Eric’s post was funny too, it really comes across, wry, but well done 😊


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