My Day Ahead – Nov 02, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Checked & double checked today’s Amazon Affiliate post, my newest update featuring the new page they gave me for posting products I like and can recommend. It was a tricky post, not the Amazon part, the product sample part where I explained why I want this particular (for me) tool, a projector, to help me with my painting. Not for copying, but for studying the image as I work on it. The values. Using a greyscale photo conversion tinkered up to shift the feeling of the color version to my preference. See, told ya, complicated. I posted 3 BW sample variations. Bottomline, even that, the 3 sample images, are a work in progress in understanding how/if I’ll use this new gadget, uh, tool 😊 to help me with my painting. Just a glimmer of the full post I’m slowly developing about it all. So that’s the easy part of the day, lol! Weather holding, cough and sniffles holding (for grandma & grandson) we’ll head out to soccer practice late morning. The rest of the day? Who knows. Me, I guess, after it happens, lol! That’s okay. It’s Saturday. Even retired folks, like us, need a Saturday ❤️


Yesterday, wrapped up a long but interesting day listening to Adele, a Barbara Streisand / Celine Dion Duet (Tell Him), Eddie Money w/Ronnie Spector, The Eagles.

Sheila’d gone to SilverSneakers cardio at Gold’s Gym while I whiled away my time catching up on blog comments (to & fro). I enjoy it, just have to sneak some time in for the guilty pleasure 😊 Also continued my new regimen of 10+ minute walks after each meal, incl the evening’s usually extended snack of fruit, cheeses, specialty crackers. That’s mine I should add, lol! Sheila prefers a spicier cheese and liverwurst (yuk!), lol!

Lunch was improvised added-to finagled soup. Hot and delicious after the surprise 26 degree morning low! With another walk after for me. Sheila’d already step-hop-stepped more’n her share that morning ❤️

Then it was just hunkering down til time to head into town. The six year old has chess club on Fridays. Sometimes we stay the whole time, sometimes part of the class, other times (rarely) none at all – depending on any variable you can think of: time, aches and pains, other needs (groceries, etc), and even how Mr. Max himself is doing 💕

Yesterday we stayed a good while, but both he an Sheila were sniffling coughing struggling. We headed home. Once inside I went back out to HEB for local raw honey for the magic honey drink I desperately discovered little over four years ago when I was in Vermont and was in allergy hades 😊 The bees know, so to speak. And the local bees know our allergies, intimately. As we do too, though in not as productive a manner, lol!

Back home, took one last walk round the complex; actually headed out to the main road – good sidewalk, fully in the sun, a warm 60s kindly sun. What an incredible pleasure it is to want to feel the sun on my skin….

Once again back home, could see the smile in the 6 year old’s eyes as he freely roamed the large apt, knowing where everything was, knowing we’d have all the things he might want: small chunks of carrots, liverwurst (like grandma), while Vermont cheese (like grandpa), fresh bread with avocado butter, almond milk – mixed with high grade chocolate milk (there’s such a thing, lol!)

Then he and grandma settled to watch some of “his” shows – dinosaurs, then Pokémon, til I finished up some bits of whatever & today’s Amazon Affiliate post, til I joined them, and we watched Magnum PI w/gorgeous shots of island mountains, incredible rolling waves with incredibly adept surfers. And action! Lots of action! 😊 With lots of bathroom breaks. We, the two seniors, and he, the young grandchild, understand those things 😂

We settle back onto the bed to watch Magnum again.

“You know you’re my favorite grandson,” I mumble to him, grandma grinning.

He doesn’t bat an eye – “I’m your only grandson.”

Neither do I – “So? I told Philip (my son) the same thing, and he didn’t mind. Least til he got your age.”

That perked him up. He sat up straight. “Then I’m like Uncle Philip.” He waited for my reaction, watching me calmly.

“Well,” I say, feeling my wife watching me from the side, “that sounds like a good thing to me,” and let my eyes relax, remembering, mixing the two boys in their likenesses. “Just means you’re gonna do real good, like him.”

Six year old must’ve approved, cause he pursed a smile along his lips, like one of his cousins (they’re all older than him), the middle girl of our oldest girl – turned, flopped on his stomach & was ready to watch Magnum again ❤️

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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