My Day Ahead – Nov 20, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Making cereal breakfast w/lots of fruit and nuts, sprinkled with coconut and a raisins, then heading out to the Old Bakery & Emporium to make a showing & check inventory; then stop at Sprouts for groceries on the way back. Sheila’s going with me this morning, as I’ll only be at the Bakery about an hour. She can walk the garden flower paths beside the bakery that create a clear visual buffer to the Texas State Capitol bldg across the street. It’s a beautiful area still preserved by the city. I don’t know if voluntarily or forced to by law, lol, but I’m glad it is 😊

After, I hope to paint and post about reaching a true milestone with my blog! I may surpass my highest total for combined number of visitors and views in one year today! A number count I haven’t touched since 2012. Hopefully I’ll have time to format & create it, with screenshots of the top posts so far this year, plus the top posts of 2012. Should be interesting! If I can I’ll add the link here later, but it’ll show as one of my featured posts on my landing page too: . It’s been a fun interesting process, and none of it would have happened without you guys, my fellow readers, stopping by and see what I’m saying or picturing or doing, lol! I’m very grateful for that and any and all comments! Thank you!!! 💕


Listening to a second pot of coffee making 😊

Morning Walk Along the Fringe of the Hill Country

Though areas of Austin are definitely hilly, especially west of MoPac and 620, the land south and southwest of the city’s center and away from Lady Bird Lake, is a dry slow rolling land creating routes to some of the Texas Hill Country’s most well known hill country vistas – Lost Maples, Garner State Park, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, and much more. Lady Bird Wildflower Center is also a carefully preserved protected patch of near hill country land nearby. As is Blue Hole and Wimberley less than an hour away.

So on beautiful mornings like yesterday, I can’t get myself to go off to an indoor gym when I can walk from my front door to glimpses and, if I glint my gaze carefully, physically sense what it might have looked and felt like a hundred, two hundred or more years ago.

Rough dry land sprinkled with shrub and boulders. Deer and rabbits running freely like children let out to play. A wide ranging sky with a dome of blue you can almost touch.

I took what pictures I could (see link below), but rejected a few. The stain that only man can leave was here and there, broken glass, paper and plastic remnants. I left them out of the pictures I posted in My Yesterday in Pictures. I wanted to convey the part of the pleasure of walking out along a five lane freeway-speed equivalent road and catches glimpses of the good of walking out in nature on a relatively rare gorgeous weather day.

As my wife told me later when she’d asked about my walk, “Not too cold, not too hot. Just right!” ❤️

Note: pics of walking along the fringes of the hill country, evening twilight, and my art at Cypress Grill, are in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures, Nov 19’19 – link listed automatically once posted, under my Category link — .

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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