My Day Ahead – Nov 29, 2019

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Today I’m staying home (if possible) though Sheila’s braved the cold wet outside to go to Gold’s Gym’s SilverSneakers cardio class! I’ve made a bit of progress catching up on stuff from yesterday’s holiday filled day ❤️ and am looking fwd to some wonderful leftovers and working on my in-progress acrylic experiment 😊 Hope every stays safe and warm!


Listening to Adele (Lovesong, Set Fire to the Rain, Someone Like You), and Niall Horan (Sheila & I saw him on the Graham Norton show & really liked his performance!) (Too Much To Ask, This Town, Slow Hands – esp liking the middle song 😊)

Thanksgiving – Walking (holidays & bad weather)

Not sure there’s an age one can be where some degree of ambiguity, pros & cons, good and bad or sad memories don’t surface. And pretty sure all but the emotionless are exempt, lol!

So we had our share of shared food, shared remembrances, shared hopes, and maybe a few fears. And least I forget, shared kindnesses to each other and each other’s differences, slight as they are compared to so much we see elsewhere, though felt keenly because of our closenesses….

And what I woke up realizing as the light rain swept us from our sleep, was the deep welcome respect we paid each other’s thoughts. As good as the food! Yes, the food was that good ❤️

And as before, on other gatherings, it was the layerings that continued to amaze me. Sharing moments with grandchildren, then with children w/memories of the beginnings of their children, then with folks our age – moments and memories that pre-dated the children, when we were barely not children anymore 💕

(walking in bad weather & holidays)
A huge challenge yesterday and really the last few days and even today, is finding when and where to walk to even get close to 7500 steps. Yesterday broke another small but continuous streak of reaching that goal, but I’ve come to not feel I’ve failed. Often I’ve need to scale back a day or two. And, I have the confidence back I’ll pick up the pace quickly when & where able.

Plus, because I do keep my walking regimen pretty much intact, in those reasonable necessary pauses, I default to the next and nearly as important goal (as outlined in one of the quizes via WebMD) : to especially walk at least ten minutes after eating. That was definitely important yesterday, lol! 😊

My son and his wife’s place where we celebrated Thanksgiving is multi-level, so, after stalling and hemming and hawing whether to bundle up and go out in the drizzle, or walk in front of folks inside 😂, several folk suggested I just go up and down the stairs! Perfect!

I made 5 round trips up and down the stairs, felt myself burp a bit near the end, and knew, even if not ten minutes, it was close enough for the holidays 💕

Note: pics of Thursday and more, are in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures, Nov 28’19 – link listed automatically once posted, under my Category link — .

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I do like to point out I pick my selections to showcase from my Amazon searches. May not always be the case, or wholly always the case, but for now, I prefer picking titles and book covers and gift items that just really appeal to me. There’s lots more to choose from, but only have so much room, lol! I hope you enjoy —

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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    • Oh how neat! Over time you’ll find the features that mean the most to you, it’s way handier than I’d thought it could be; but I don’t wear it to sleep, lol! You, young lady, should be out-stepping me in no time! ❤️ 🚶


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