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Spectrafix Fixative Non-Toxic Spray
Spectrafix Fixative Non-Toxic Spray

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Spectrafix Non-Toxic Fixative for Watercolors (and more) ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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My review title is —
Important necessary addition to working with watercolors on canvas!

I’ve been experimenting with absorbent ground on 6×6 inch canvases lately and this is probably #6 or 7 in the batch. Brush on isolation layers worked on all the previous pictures til I reached the first one with gouache, ruined it! So, if I was to continue to be able to do pieces like this one, more delicate placed pigments, more nuanced with such small spaces, I needed a spray application. I didn’t want anything toxic or requiring masks or having to be done outside. My online info search kept taking me to Spectrafix’s fixative spray, so I tried it, and am extremely pleased it works so close to description! As my before (on the right) and after image (on the left) show, very little change, esp in regard to the tiny speckling of pigment and the wash gradations created by the watercolors (I feel I can only help that happen, the quality of watercolors does all the major work). My sig did get faded out some, so it’s the only major addition, one I was able to do with a permanent ink pen on top of the fixative coating (as advertised). I also added two tiny highlights I just wanted to add, not that were re-dos of work messed up. Highly recommend! Now I just need a non-toxic spray varnish 😊


I’d presented a “before” spray application picture at the bottom of my Super Bowl post recently, and below is the same image plus, below it, the “after shot” —

Flowering at Dawn, inprogress 02.02.2020 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Flowering at Dawn, inprogress 02.02.2020 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Flowering at Dawn, in-progress after Spectrafix spray coat 02.09.2020 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Flowering at Dawn, in-progress after Spectrafix spray coat 02.09.2020 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

I chose to over-write my signature (Adan) with permanent white pen ink, thought it too intense, and painted over it slightly to soften it. Did a few other minor touches, and other than that, I think the Spectrafix spray maintained my original watercolor better than anything I’d tried before. Even the Golden product literature for my liquid isolation coat said results, for watercolors, would probably be best via spray coat if possible. I think they were right 😊

Now I feel I have a means of preserving more of my original work, when I want to – other times a more liquid varnished glossy look might be best, or necessary. I’ll have samples of that, when liquid varnish is best, soon, as I post more of my finished 6.

What I need now, for this painting, is to find a varnish spray I can feel safe enough to use w/out also having to buy a mask etc. Unless, and I’ll need to make some product information calls, like to Golden, the fixative is also enough of an isolation coat for me to use a brush-able varnish and / or also the brush-able soft gel gloss before hand.

Flowering at Dawn is not one I want to lose, like I did First Twinkle of Snow, though the latter’ll somehow be salvaged as a much different version of its former self. Still working on that ☺️

So, I’ll be sure and do a post on that then, how Flowering at Dawn is finally finished, once I know how to, and, have finished the work on this painting, including painting the sides. I’ll have a whole separate post eventually, of how painting the sides has differed so much among the work, with lots of examples from the various 6×6 pieces I’ve been finishing.

In progress, is a floral work partially started with Fineline Masking Fluid.

Also in progress, is a new set of absorbent ground 6×6 canvases, including plans for another Clear Tar Gel coated black canvas acrylic, a very light toned floral with permanent black pen accents, and two landscape-inspired abstracts (ie, same image source, one of my photos of course 😊) w/one in acrylic and one in watercolor.

I’m also mentally formulating (visualizing) both how to better present more light florals on dark background, like Flowering at Dawn above, and like Floating Blooms (last presented in Dec ‘19, bottom of post), and inverse (reverse?) – dark silhouettes on a light background, kinda like Cobblestone Path, seen here at Art for the People Gallery in Austin.

Floating Blooms, my 1st (kinda) major acrylic since the 80s, is actually finished, and my wife has it hung in a hallway. I’ll try and have a pic and update and upload it to Fine Art America soon ❤️

There’s so much to learn, so much to try, and so much to look forward to!

Thanks so much everyone!

Stay creative! Enjoy the inspirations in your life, both the fluid and stationary!! 💕



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  1. […] finished piece to placing a fixative coating on a delicate piece is on Flowering at Dawn, at –… .The masking fluid lines though, on First Twinkle of Snow, would have become a different problem of […]

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    • Ahhhaha, yeah, lol! Nah, from what I can see of here in Austin, they’re mostly “much” younger well trained/college educated, or “very” experienced more well know folks. That’s ok, I just post stuff I use and right now if I can keep learning and navigate myself through this new medium (watercolor), I’ll be ok. There’s classes, but it’d take half the day navigating Austin’s traffic getting anywhere w/lots of class availability. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has these fabulous 7 week, 3-4 hours a day once a week, watercolor classes, but I’ve only recently found out about them, and every time I find out about another session, they’re already sold out! Maybe in the fall I can finally catch one 😊 It’s such a beauty and relatively close by location to do a class like that 😊

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  2. Very nice work, Felipe, I can understand why you would not want to lose it. I like the spray as well and I wonder if such a spray will also work for acrylics, after all acrylics are a type of watercolour, no? What do you think? In any event I would also like something non-toxic as I live in a flat without much of an outdoors, just a small balcony and I don’t like the smell the regular fixative leaves in the house. Great post, very informative,
    Thanks and all the best,

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    • Francisco, yes! It is actually good on both! Their site says it’s good for water media, plus pencils, charcoal, etc. Let me know if you get some & try it! Once the fixative is in place, you can apply an additional isolation coat, like Soft Gel Gloss from Golden, or spray or brush varnish it. I’m still looking for a good (ie, non toxic) varnish. Re any smell, this is actually so nice my wife liked the “scent” of it, lol! Actually me too! 😊

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        • Francisco, I believe the product is one of the few that can ship by air because of its nature. They also make a concentrate 2 oz bottle you mix with water on your own, plus empty spray bottles that they say work better than the initial ready to use bottle. I haven’t gotten the latter yet but they’re on my “definitely getting” list, lol! The concentrate is below the limit that can be carried on an airplane, and the empty bottle is of course empty, lol! And a small size, 4 oz? Yes, just went on their site, 4 oz for the smaller refillable bottle – . Here’s their contact page w/phone # – . I usually prefer shopping via Amazon ‘cause of the way they back their sales, but they only offer the ready to use spray bottle right now. Let me know if you’re able to get what you need. Too bad I don’t have the $ or I’d fly you one there, with me, lol! Take care, have fun 😊

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          • You would certainly be welcome here any time, Felipe. Thank you for the information. I will follow up. I am still using the old chemical (toxic) one that I bought here, which forces me to use it in the balcony but the smell always gets inside the salon. I really appreciate your time and the links. I think you are doing a great service providing the reviews and the suggestions. Take good care and all the best!
            Greetings from Valencia,

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