Aging Through Covid-19, May 04, 2020 – New Watercolor Figure Art

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

New Black Absorbent Ground Watercolor 6x6s from Late April 2020
Nude with Robe Night

Yesterday’s post, with the 1st of 3 new watercolor gouache paintings on black absorbent ground, Moonlight Goblet, continues with my 2nd piece, experimenting using M. Graham white watercolor gouache (vs acrylic gouache) is Nude with Robe Night.

Nude with Robe Night ©Felipe Adan Lerma black absorbent ground watercolor April 2020
Nude with Robe Night ©Felipe Adan Lerma black absorbent ground watercolor April 2020
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I had to work the lines to get the curves to get the feeling I wanted in this image. Part of the resetting and lifting of the water based gouache can be seen in the scruffiness to the left of the lady, and on the right side of her right elbow.

More black absorbent ground can replenish the original ground and completely cover the scruffiness, but something about the modulation to the background, without adding more than the small crescent moon and my sig, seems to satisfy this painting for me.

Neither this or Moonlight Goblet have been “fixed” with Spectrafix spray or varnished yet, but I think the work will hold up well, esp with the spray varnish which finishes matte tone.

I was of course extremely tempted to immediately dive into trying to produce more fine lined works like this on black absorbent ground, and maybe white acrylic on black gesso on canvas, but I have a few more experiments to follow through on.

Tomorrow’s work, Dancer in Moonlight, I’ll present is another figure, but much more sketchy expressive, but not, I feel, overly so. I hope you’ll tune in to see and let me know 😊

A final note for now on Nude with Robe Night, I especially liked how I progressed working the intensity level of the white gouache (which is opaque) from faint to bright white. I’m very far from where I’m want to be with that technique, but at least I feel I touched on what I want to eventually achieve ❤️

Daniel Smith Black Absorbent Ground 1 pint
M. Graham 1/2 ounce Titanium White watercolor gouache

Stay well everyone! And cool, lol! Got to near 100 here in Austin today (don’t ask the heat index), but a “cool” front taking us down to the mid/upper 80s is due tomorrow. Ahhh, the small blessings so important this time of year here in Central Texas ❤️



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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • Thank you, Tiffany! I’m so glad you thought it graceful & elegant, I really wanted that; and I felt it when I was done, even if imperfectly, and made my day that day – and you’ve reminded me of that 😊


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