Aging Through Covid-19, May 09, 2020 – New Watercolor Impressionist Landscape Art

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Watercolor Landscape – Fall Colors 1
Well, I was gonna do a short piece about pollution and Covid-19, but was working on my 2nd watercolor on white absorbent ground yesterday and today and decided it was well enough done to post it and talk a little ‘bout that, lol! 😊

My prev watercolors colors on white absorbent ground in quite awhile was a few days ago, Dancing Between the Lines.

One of my biggest challenges painting colors (vs white gouache on black transparent ground) poked it’s head up ‘bout 3/4 way through declaring Fall Colors 1 Watercolor done — not stopping!

It’s not that what I’m declaring “done” 😏 is bad, or not good, I like it, a lot, no, it’s that I lost some effects I really liked. So, next time, I’ll see if I can more readily accept when something’s ‘bout where I can get it, without having to transform it then into something I have to get to, if that makes sense ☺️

That goal seems so much easier for me when painting white on black. Maybe ‘cause there’s so many less moving parts (colors, and their values).

But I won’t give up. Haven’t yet, so don’t plan to now ❤️

Fall Color 1 Watercolor ©Felipe Adan Lerma on Golden White Absorbent Ground
Fall Color 1 Watercolor ©Felipe Adan Lerma on Golden White Absorbent Ground
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This is just a bit more scratchy than the actual painting, but close enough to give the idea.

My 1st mistake (place I didn’t stop) was when the basic colors and shapes were in, and I added sorta-tree lines. Yes, they do add some sense of place and distance, but for me, not enough to have lost the feel it had before then. Just a choice mainly.

I tried lifting some of the tree lines, and was able to for quite a few, especially in the bottom half and lower portion of the orange-reds. That though, muddied some really nice patterning in the lower half, and broke up the patterning in the orange-reds, again for me, a bit more than I liked.

Working the yellows and whites back in to neutralize the mud I created helped a lot.

This crop view gives a better idea what I had.

Fall Color 1 Macro Crop Watercolor ©Felipe Adan Lerma on Golden White Absorbent Ground
Fall Color 1 Macro Crop Watercolor ©Felipe Adan Lerma on Golden White Absorbent Ground

The colors are still pretty good, and I didn’t have to muddy the picture as much as the bottom getting rid of too much vertical lines.

I’ll try again though, lol, hopefully tomorrow 💕

Stay well everyone! 😊



Series link – Aging Through Covid-19

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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