Finding A Composition Among Clutter (Tips for Paintings and Drawings) via Dianne Mize Studio June 2020

Finding A Composition Among Clutter (Tips for Paintings and Drawings) via Dianne Mize Studio June 2020
Finding A Composition Among Clutter (Tips for Paintings and Drawings) via Dianne Mize Studio June 2020

With a bit of intro and the above image, Dianne writes —

Anything that initially catches our attention is a good place to start.  I pointed out how the light rays are striking those upper center flowers and the shadows of the two on the outside.  So let’s start there.

And proceeds to move through seven more images to an amazing new rendition, saying —

It’s surprising what removing the clutter can do.  And I can safely say that any image can be moved around and edited as long as we honor what the light source is doing.  That gives us freedom for unlimited exploring and creating.  And that doesn’t even include all the ways we can interpret color!

It’s an amazingly short yet fruitfully dense post from this amazing lady. I had to save the email post a day til I had the time I wanted to give it, and am so glad I did! ❤️

Enjoy everyone! May we all find the beauty within the clutter of our lives!


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  1. […] extremely liberating for my creativity – and ya’ll comments helped me see that ❤️ More recently Dianne Mize posted a super post about moving things around in a painting from the original …, also substantiating what I was I was doing, and reader reception to her exceptional post was […]

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  2. Thanks for this brilliant article, Felipe. I do sometimes move things around , but the result can be haphazard. This method gives me a plan to create a more pleasing end result.

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    • You’re very welcome, I’m so glad I’m able to repost them, she has a huge selection and I signed up for her newsletter where I got this one. If you haven’t read her bio, it’s amazing! School art teacher, her state’s top art position in the state govt. And she nearly always emphasizes making whatever she’s teaching one’s own, very inspiring back to one’s own creativity 💕

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  3. Thank you for sharing Dianne’s post! I used to paint a lot of landscapes and nature scenes and admit to have struggled with the light source and keeping it consistent! She really explains things so well!

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    • Isn’t it an amazing article! I’ve “still” been the same way, struggling with how and if to move/change things; she explains it so cleanly, at the same time reassuring us it’s not only ok, it’s good! It’s very freeing, very creative! 😊

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