I Need Newsletter Feedback From Fellow Artists / Creatives 08.11.20

I won’t go into a lot of why or details right now, after tons of years, I’ve finally come to the point I’m willing to force myself to create a newsletter, lol, other than saying it’s Covid $ related, as one can expect 😊, but I do want feedback from fellow artists, writers, and creatives in general, as to things to watch out for, look for to have, and if a newsletter has made a real impact on sales.

Going by David Gaughran’s excellent series comparing Mailchimp to MailerLite, I’m leaning toward the latter – https://davidgaughran.com/?s=MailerLite .

My primary goal is to offer exclusive to newsletter-readers-only deals on my art.

I mean real deals.

Like under a $100 and often at cost or below.

I’ve been working on my “art room” since early last week, and I need room, and money, to be able to create new work.

I’m thinking these “deals” would not be advertised anywhere else, only on my newsletter, and only to actual subscribers.

So. I need feedback.

On the whole thing. The Mailchimp vs MailerLite question – selling art work via exclusive newsletter only offerings – and whether a newsletter has been worth it at all for you.

I have few to near no original art selling options at this time. Neither galleries, gift shops, art shows, craft shows.

Fine Art America helps, but not enough, and not in a way I’d want to target both older paintings and new work I’d be willing to “let go” for a very good feels-great-to-the-buyer price right now.

And eBay is too wide-spread and non-exclusive enough for this I think.

For decades a story about Monet having to make a decision very much like this has haunted me. And I figure if an artist like that can do it, let work go whatever it takes to sell it, well…. 😊

I’m hoping to start the newsletter late this week or next –

Thank ya’ll so much! Stay well ❤️


ps – I took the self portrait header shot with my camera set on a tripod w/a timer. I think it’s time and place of meaning has arrived 😊


My Fine Art America newsletter series –

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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Amazon Author Page – https://amzn.to/2YpgyUf
Fine Art America (FAA) – https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/felipeadan-lerma.html


  1. We are in the same boat, Adan, it’s difficult to get my work in front of buyers these days, we are at the mercy of the internet! I have to admit I am not the strongest newsletter author, but I do have a free account with Mailchimp and I have sent a few newsletters to 100 or so subscribers. I am not familiar with Mailerlite, but I skimmed over the article you linked to, it sounds like a plausible option. Since I haven’t been using newsletters as consistently as I should, I haven’t seen any real benefits, but I read that it can help boots sales, consistency is the key. All the best, keep us posted!

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    • That’s still very helpful, Tiffany, thank you! I probably’ll go w/MailerLite & take it very slowly, lol! I probably will try and get the newsletter up & running w/a list of folks I know right now (giving them the option to drop out right away if they’d like of course) before posting having one going, but I will definitely post again once I do, and if it looks like something I can keep up, lol! 😊

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  2. Sounds interesting Felipe but I wouldn’tknowbwhatbtobtelk you since I’ve not a newsletter. I have given up on galleries and sell only through word of mouth in my own gallery and online which is the best and most widespread gallery. All the best and best of luck!

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      • Well, you’ve given me something to think about and definitely consider, so if you go forward with the newsletter let me know…take good care Felipe and all the best, stay safe and best of luck, you’ve wonderful work and I’m sure it will sell, but never undersell. Start with reasonable prices and go up only carefully and slowly but reducing prices might not be a good idea…let me know.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Definitely! Hopefully I’ll have one set up sooner vs later, lol! Re pricing, that’s so tricky, and without gallery markup, I can do a little better, like sales I’ve made so far online; and there’s work I either want to keep or have to get the better end price to let go; but I’ve so much work from so many years that I’ve simply hung onto, and it’s time to see if I can move some out, make much needed space for new work, and get some cash flow – but those deals’ll only be for my newsletter subscribers. My plan is to first send out to my personal mailing list, as many are also buyers of some of my work, then post the sign-up to the newsletter after the 1st e-mailing goes out. I’ll concentrate my newsletter to that to begin with, reducing inventory, and then (if I accomplish that, lol!) re-imagine my newsletter’s purpose 😊


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