Prints Sold! At Buda Mercantile! Early December 2020

Buda Mercantile, Buda Texas
Buda Mercantile, Buda Texas

What started with a surprise print sale at Buda Mercantile recently turned into a safe-distancing, masked opportunity to both paint on the spot and sell a couple more prints this past Saturday!

Buda Mercantile, Buda Texas
Buda Mercantile, Buda Texas

Our youngest girl, Tania, herself author of the illustrated children’s book, Skydancer, provided point with her close friend, Bebe, for the remodeling of this grand 1898 structure in the heart of Buda, a small town just south of Austin. Bebe, in turn, is a prime organizer of the Christmas Bazaar Sheila and I enjoyed showing in so much last Christmas at Donn’s Depot (pics and video here).

Links should be active in above tweet for info on getting Tania’s beautifully illustrated book. Plus the live link to my blog post is –😊/

Hopefully these two enterprising ladies, plus shops like Buda Mercantile and The Old Bakery & Emporium, the latter both historical structures here in the Austin area hosting local artisans of all modes of art, will be back up and running full speed later next year 💕

Buda Mercantile, Buda Texas
Buda Mercantile, Buda Texas

Above is a screen shot w/lots of info how to contact Buda Mercantile.

Their Facebook link, also has a link, seen bottom of pic above ( “Send Message” ) which I’m told is also a good way to reach the folks there.


So, what did “I” sell recently at Buda Mercantile. Well, one large print of my popular digital rendition of Lady Bird Lake via Lookout Point, a small print of my very popular pink Austin sunset, and one of mine and my wife’s original gift writings, If Mom’s Were. And, almost sold two of my 2000s Hill Country impressionist paintings –😊/

Country Barn, circa 2004 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Country Barn, circa 2004 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Above painting is a scene off Hwy 71 heading to Columbus from Austin, and the scene below is on the road to Lost Maples in the Texas Hill Country ♥️

Both works are 18×24 inches framed.

And both art works are available at “very” special holiday pricing at the Buda Mercantile!

Just ask for Natalie, or one of the other helpful folk there 😊

Road to Lost Maples, circa 2004 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Road to Lost Maples, circa 2004 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

So hopefully I’ll have good things to report after next weekend also, and meanwhile wish everyone happy safe holidays! 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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  1. […] and welcome, first time in a year, opportunity to show a bit of my art work to the public at a newly renovated 1800s historical location just south of Austin, Buda Mercantile. I set up a display on a large beautiful wood table (I must remember to take a pic this coming […]

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