January 08, 2021 – Monet’s Garden April Rain in Giverny, Photo to Oil to Watercolors through Three Decades, Part 3 – Painting Through Political Stress

Garden April Rain in Giverny ©Felipe Adan Lerma 6x9 watercolor on paper 01.06.21
Garden April Rain in Giverny ©Felipe Adan Lerma 6×9 watercolor on paper 01.06.21

Years, no decades ago, lol! I used to read lots of bio stuff ‘bout the impressionists. One detail I remember about artists working (painting) during times of political stress was of Renoir. I don’t remember the book, but with sieges by both the Prussians and French Army at differing times upon Paris, there apparently were numerous instances. In this one I read decades ago, Renoir, who lived in the tenement houses where the Tuileries are now, would sneak out of Paris through the barricades to paint in the surrounding forest. Being a friendly man, a good man, he’d made many friends, and both the defenders and the attackers recognized him as a friend and allowed him passage!

Now evidently this wasn’t always the case. In searching for where I read the above account, I came across this one – https://www.thevintagenews.com/2019/02/24/renoir/ – where, painting in the forest, Renoir was accused of being a spy of troop movements in the forest, and taken to a nearby town to be shot. There, he was recognized by someone who himself had been saved once by Renoir. I’d never heard or read that story, but it’s pretty fascinating! 😊

So what’s this to do with my to-me-overworked watercolor above?

Painted during the stress of our recent crisis.

Politics gone bad 😏

Like the expressionists in Nazi Germany. Or Renoir during the siege of Paris. Only thankfully not nearly as dire as those events. And as long as we stay vigilant for our democracy, should never ever be.

I did get to re-work a few bits yesterday, and I like this a lot better ☺️

Garden April Rain in Giverny ©Felipe Adan Lerma 6x9 watercolor on paper 01.07.21
Garden April Rain in Giverny ©Felipe Adan Lerma 6×9 watercolor on paper 01.07.21

I added some violet top of the green top of the bridge, refocused parts of the top of that bridge, softened a few edges, and added a few highlight.

My use of white is via gouache. I felt kinda guilt ’bout it til I read that John Singer Sargent used white extensively on his watercolors! Thank goodness 😊

The above Google search has lots of good info, and I especially found this review of Sargent’s exhibit at the MFA Boston (from a few years back) by Marc Taro Holmes particularly helpful and detailed, with lots of sample images —

My detail shot of my re-worked watercolor immediate above seems to bring across what I often try to do, or end up doing, in almost all my work, from oil to acrylic to watercolor – include a mix of wash like spreads of color and texture.

Finding that right mix of the two, washes (or semblance of) and texture, are what I enjoy doing most when I paint, regardless of medium.

This then tends to create an abstraction into the work.

It is then, when I can then keep ‘ mix my abstract compulsions with something identifiable, that I feel my most satisfied.

Seems easy enough, but I almost nearly always find it a struggle, lol!

I’m either really not very good at this (distinct possibility many days 😏), or don’t know when to quit soon enough 😯, or just plain get lost in exploring 😊

I’m guessing it’s itself a mix of all three in varying degrees on varying days in varying works.

That should cover me ❤️

Detail Garden April Rain in Giverny ©Felipe Adan Lerma 6x9 watercolor 01.07.21
Detail Garden April Rain in Giverny ©Felipe Adan Lerma 6×9 watercolor 01.07.21

Take care everyone, stay healthy and happy and free!


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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