January 28, 2021 – Yesterday’s Horizontal Art Mess Looks a Lot Better Vertical, Even if Still Not Good Enough

I’ve been experimenting how to print some of my original pen and ink line drawings onto paper and then paint on them.

I was clearly not happy with my 1st painting effort on laser paper yesterday, and then, right before bed, I took another look at the piece, laid it casually down with a sigh, vertically, and it took on an entirely different feel!

This morning I gave it another really good vertical look, and still thought it an immense improvement.

Not something I’d consider “done” or good, but at the least – promising! 😊

Here’s the image horizontally —

Experimental acrylic ©Felipe Adan Lerma on 130lb laser paper 01.27.21
Experimental acrylic ©Felipe Adan Lerma on 130lb laser paper 01.27.21

Here’s the originating pen and ink —

Adan's flowers digital pen and ink ©Felipe Adan Lerma 01.26.21
Adan’s flowers digital pen and ink ©Felipe Adan Lerma 01.26.21

And here’s the same painting vertically —

Experimental acrylic vertical ©Felipe Adan Lerma on 130lb laser paper 01.27.21
Experimental acrylic vertical ©Felipe Adan Lerma on 130lb laser paper 01.27.21

On the lower resolution version of the vertical (below) I’ve circled areas I want to remember and pay attention to for future work, even if not all on one piece, or even on every new piece —

Experimental acrylic vertical w/notations ©Felipe Adan Lerma on 130lb laser paper 01.28.21
Experimental acrylic vertical w/notations ©Felipe Adan Lerma on 130lb laser paper 01.28.21
  1. the whole top right area is probably my fav right now – nice gradations, clear but not overly sharp contrasts of white and pink dabbles on top of the gradations
  2. the blue to the above and below right has more of the H2O feel I was hoping to find using the acrylic on this type paper (130 lb laser, acid free) – speckling and tiny poolings of pigment; my Monet’s Garden blog series with work I’m trying in differing media for the same garden-bridge image has some good examples; I haven’t posted my acrylic version (on watercolor paper) yet but will very soon
  3. #3 is a reminder to myself how the acrylic let me create something like “ray of light” wash-lines, something I’ve had little luck with watercolors
  4. this marker’s for the leaf petal below the #, partially filled with blue and touches of rose washes yet also leaving part of the paper’s white exposed; I’ve seen this in various artist’s work (Chagall? Klee? among several others) and really like this effect, when I can get it 😊
  5. another petal, this one above the number, similar washed & clear finish but with touches of watercolor like pooling of pigment; obviously much easier with watercolor, and probably more intensified on more absorbent paper
  6. the petal above the # has an even more intense gradation from pigment to wash; not as vivid as I’d like, again an acrylic / paper type variation; but I think also a factor of size, where – because of the paper inhibition to absorption, and less spreading effect of acrylic vs watercolor – maybe if the pigment to wash effect were within a larger size object of the line drawing, the effect “might” could be enlarged and made more interesting; we’ll see 😊
  7. and #7, a nice # to end ☺️ lol, a really nice effect variation, where the washes and pigment within the petal and the pigment surrounding it, each left the line drawing fairly intact, yet created nicely adjacent, almost painterly effects

Almost all these good & not so good effects above were accidental in the sense that, though sometimes I wanted an effect somewhat like what I got, I had no sure sense what would happen, accidentally or as hoped for.

I take that now – vs when I was younger and often felt I just wasn’t “able” – as how I create art.

Intentional – with – acceptance of the accidental.

Accidental blessings.

“Happy accidents” as Bob Ross fondly called them.

And others —

There’s a lot of folks the above quote is attributed to, or seen at or heard from, but Scott Adams (and sometimes Picasso) is usually attributed with this. And he did say this – Adams, that is, and he addresses it in his post of a few years back , esp in regard to when “design” vs “art” is used in the quote 😊

I found the above info via this general Google search – https://www.google.com/search?q=art+is+knowing+which+one&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari

And there’s this, a frequent good reminder to myself —

And this 😊 —

Like I said in yesterday’s post

Experimenting’s good, if one doesn’t (allegorically) blow up the lab ☺️

Final note: Today’s 1st day in a long while Sheila and I either don’t have a class to go to, a dr appt, or big chore to (yet anyways), so I was able to sit down and create this post before bedtime, lol! It’s actually before lunch! It’s a nice change, fun even ❤️

Stay well everyone!


Note: the line work in the walking figure above was created via a blue watercolor pencil ✏️ Mistakes/corrections can be “washed” away with water!

And a third watercolor pencil line drawing is in my blog post here –

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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