January 27, 2021 – Rushing Creativity Late in the Day When Tired Results in a Learnable Mess, lol!

Yesterday, I wrote about trying to squeeze in some creative work among the day’s chores, and showed a digital pen and ink line drawing I created as a compliment to a physical pen and ink created drawing, hoping eventually to see how those might work for creative variations of the same original design.

Today 😊 Sheila and I did our annual eye appointments (covered most the morning w/travel time), then toured some entrances to the green belts here in Austin, and finished with a trip to Southside Printing where Harold, the many-generations-owner my own age, printed a few samples of the above digital design so I could try out some acrylic variations. Still had to bring in the plants though due to an expected near freeze here tonight. Then walk or pay a differing penalty later 😏 Get the mail and make some needed calls. Finally, after setting up a few bills to pay, though tired, I really wanted to try out the printed image from yesterday and paint with some new acrylics.

Here’s my originating pen and ink design shown yesterday –

Adan's flowers digital pen and ink ©Felipe Adan Lerma 01.26.21
Adan’s flowers digital pen and ink ©Felipe Adan Lerma 01.26.21

Here’s the one I was able to squeeze in today, after our homemade custom pizza and salad though 😊 —

Experimental acrylic ©Felipe Adan Lerma on 130lb laser paper 01.27.21
Experimental acrylic ©Felipe Adan Lerma on 130lb laser paper 01.27.21

I won’t deny it. I don’t really like my painting.

But I do see somethings I like —

  1. The washes could lead to interesting things
  2. It’s got energy
  3. It’s got interesting movement patterns
  4. Easy to overlay paint ’cause the paint dries so fast
  5. Transparency patterns could lead to more interesting work

What I don’t like is —

  1. It’s a huge mess!
  2. The textured patterns I prefer within color fields is very hard to get
  3. The laser paper is too smooth for what I’m used to
  4. The thicker paint applications are too garish for my liking

What I might be able to do for next time —

  1. Stick to thinner applications of paint, ie, washes
  2. Apply smaller areas of intense pigment (unlike H2O, can’t lift the color)
  3. Leave more white space
  4. Simplify back to one main image focus, ala my recent acrylic hearts

Only time will tell me if I can find a style or application of painting on the laser paper I like enough to use the paper my home town printer readily carries.

Tomorrow I hope to try one of the two watercolor papers of my own I’d taken (not knowing if it could be run through the giant laser machine). One sheet stuttered, sorta. Evidently one has to find the direction of the grain and run it through that way or it’ll semi-jam. The other sheet printed pretty nicely, being inserted in the direction of its grain. I’d taken two differing sheets from two different watercolor pads from two different companies. Harold, the owner, knows his stuff! And is willing and able to figure out how something can work! He’s pretty certain the “fusing” of the pigment based inks will keep the printed pen and ink pattern from running/smearing.

I did kinda cheat and wet one of my fingers then run it across a line in the pen and ink pattern.

No smear!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll see how the printed piece holds up to either one or both – acrylic and watercolor 😊

Experimenting’s good, if one doesn’t (allegorically) blow up the lab ☺️

Stay well everyone!


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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