March 08, 2021 – My Most Viewed Image This Week @FineArtAmerica, Watercolor, “A Blush of Spring”

Painted with Arteza’s watercolor Real Brush Pens on Canson 140 lb watercolor paper, this is a rare work where I followed my instincts, pressed too far, messed it, then trusted my instincts to “see what would happen” – and A Blush of Spring resulted! I’ve reviewed Arteza’s watercolor brush pens recently (see link above) and need to do one for Canson watercolor papers, some of the best paper I’ve come across in a variety of sizes, dual textured (rough one side, smoother on the reverse). A Blush of Spring might not have happened with less versatile watercolor pens or paper!

A small work, 9×6 inches, it also does really well enlarged, where the small brush stroke touches show up, along with the textural differences among the areas. Below is a screen shot of a full resolution preview of a small area. My high meg screenshot comes close to the actual preview on Fine Art America, but still not quite as nice – worth a look! 😊

Fine Art America’s High Resolution Preview option above shows both Arteza’s Real Brush Pens’ pigment density changes capabilities, and the quality of Canson’s watercolor papers. Tapping the image on FAA shifts the preview box from area to area.

Giving “A Blush of Spring” a hard run for most-viewed this past week, with only a few hours of Sunday morning’s post to promote it before the week’s tally (at FAA), is Dispatcher, one of my more durable poetry gift writings from the 90s 😊

One of my more promising – and more vexing – ideas for future work, is combining a light pen and ink (digitally hand drawn) wash (via digital watercolor) to complement writings from that same era I’ve never put image to poem before. My recent pen and wash work, Floating Butterfly (non-digital) is giving me hope I can pull this off!

My most immediate effort toward this, is for a small poem entitled, Little Dancer – (excerpt) “Your tiny dancing movements are the most innocent of all.” It’s of the endearment one feels in the presence of young innocence beginning to experience movement, with, at the end of the short poem, a slight reversal into self-observation-remembrance of one’s own younger self. I think it takes more words to explain it than to express it in the poem, lol! Wish me luck – this is a project I’d like very much to pull off. We’ll see ☺️

Take care everyone! Stay healthy & creative! ❤️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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