The Brokenwood Mysteries Series (Season) 7 World Premiere on Acorn TV is this Monday, March 29, 2021!

The Brokenwood Mysteries Acorn TV Prime Video
The Brokenwood Mysteries Acorn TV Prime Video


Brokenwood Mysteries Acorn TV Prime Video – 5 Stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

As my little banner above from my full post review of The Brokenwood Mysteries shows, both my wife and I really liked this series set in New Zealand!

My wife, a decades long reader of TV Guide, saw something about a Series 7 (season 7 to us here in the US) premiering soon, very soon! In fact barely a week from now Monday, March 29, 2021 (new episodes each Monday)!

I ended up confirming this via The Futon Critic via a search for news on this, whose review was as humorous as moments in Brokenwood Mysteries themselves often are —

As winter nears its end, look no further for your cozy murder mystery fix than Acorn TV and the beautiful fictitious town of Brokenwood, New Zealand – population 4,900 and steadily declining, depending on the murder rate that week.

Now, I’d like to think my review was so good, it ended up being one of my most viewed/read blog posts of all 2020! But truthfully, I just laid out some of the many reasons we liked it so much – and that was as per having only seen the first few seasons.

Neither Sheila nor myself ended up feeling any differently about the show by the end of season, uh, series 6 😊

And that was especially true of one of the things I made a big deal of : the music in the shows —

And this music thing may well be all just my imagination, lol! But either way, it’s made for an extremely interesting viewing experience for my wife and myself, thoroughly enjoying the music plus the parade of characters, the wry humor, the excellent acting and accents, plus the wonderful terrain it all happens within. 

Adan’s Movie/Cable TV Reviews – Acorn TV – The Brokenwood Mysteries – ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ (so far 😊)

My favorite music was via Tami Neilson, and I still have 3 of her songs top of one of my most favored playlists in my phone ♥️ including Running to You by Tami Neilson.

My actual sequence of her 3 songs is –
Walk (Back to Your Arms) – Cry Over You – and, Running to You

Love those songs! 😊

The Brokenwood Mysteries Acorn TV Prime Video
The Brokenwood Mysteries Acorn TV Prime Video

I know often a series show comes back kinda stiff for a new season, esp with the extended Covid break, even in New Zealand, which did such an incredible job, but Sheila and I still expect really neat fun things 😊

Once we have 2 or more shows under our belts, I’ll try and do up a review of Series 7, The Brokenwood Mysteries!

Stay well everyone! ♥️



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  1. […] Yesterday I posted about the upcoming 7th series (season) premier of New Zealand’s “The … (coming up March 29, 2021 after a Covid hiatus), posted lots of link, a couple of quotes, and – how much I really like the music on the show, particularly songs by Tami Neilson ❤️ This very short post is of some of the selections I mentioned as being so much my fav’s they’re the 1st three on one of my playlists I listen to 😊 Their sequence (I like the way they lead into each other musically for me ☺️) is –Walk (Back to Your Arms) – Cry Over You – and, Running to You*Walk (Back to Your Arms) – fabulous over all video & sound […]

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