March 27, 2021 – First Day After Our 2nd Covid Shots – Very Weary, But With a Huge Thank-You to Austin Public Health (APH)!

Got my 2nd Covid shot 03.25.21! 😊
Got my 2nd Covid shot 03.25.21! 😊

Almost didn’t even try creating a post for Saturday, but I felt I should act least give a follow-up, much like I did after our 1st shot (Moderna) a month ago. This time Sheila and I both knew to hit the Tylenol once we began aching too much to be able to do much. Like the 1st shot’s after-experience, Sheila’s weathering it all much better than me, but definitely also feeling its effects.

I won’t go on too much on topics I wanted to ask a little more about, but yesterday’s day-of-shot post covers some pretty good things, how even a basic health aid like washing one’s hands wasn’t an agreed upon safety necessity even up to the Civil War! Check the post out, lots of links to that and other info –
March 26, 2021 – We Received Our 2nd Covid Shots Yesterday!

And if I want to continue my Interesting Tweets This Morning series, I’ll have to beg off for, soon 😊

I have worked, up until today, on my newest Line Art with Wash Poem, Radiology Technologist, and I have found having a day or so just looking at my preliminary set up, and knowing where I’d like it go, really helps later on.

This image below includes a transparent pixel layer, a fill layer, and two layers with the differing ribs (front and back) —

Radiology Technologist dark fill in-progress ©Felipe Adan Lerma 4 digital layers
Radiology Technologist dark fill in-progress ©Felipe Adan Lerma 4 digital layers

But before I go, the one BIG thing I need to do, want to do, is give a very public, unconditional thanks to Austin Public Health. They’ve been criticized up and down in the media here, including a few snide private remarks early on from myself and my wife, lol! 😏

In both our 1st and 2nd Moderna shot-locations, everything was literally completely organized for vehicular traffic, patient flow, and an evolving distribution of information and vaccines.

The thing is, as I said to the Dr who apologized to us for their set-up being so unorganized, we assured them – it was and is organized — AND — with little more than 60 days lead time, ie, since January 20th of this year! When everything changed. For the better!

As I said when they again apologized for the short wait at the tables for the vaccine needles to be brought over (for our 2nd shot), after a year and half, the wait time right then was nothing ♥️

Sheila and I were and are very very grateful!

Best wishes everyone’s! Stay well, stay creative, stay optimistic! 😊


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. […] I’d teased in one of my previous posts, with the 4 layer image below, re developing the image work for my newest gift post, Radiology Technologist – 1st written & sold in the 90s, and now reincarnating as a spiffy image/poster/poem, available in prints and gifts like t-shirts, bags & more! With the coloring on the ribs differing back to front and the embedded heart shaped like the stylized upper torso of two people, it’s come a long ways, not to mention adding the related poem and positioning the pieces.I’d originally planned on a vertical poster, but horizontal was its destiny 😊 […]

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  2. […] Fatigue plus shortness of breath, more than the aches and pains after our 1st Covid shot, seem to be the main symptoms this time around. As if the two doses (Moderna) were configured to work on immunizing and strengthening differing parts of our bodies with each injection, with the month in-between shots time for the body to re-strengthen, and then, hopefully, handle the harsher more powerful (as per most people’s reported experience between the two doses) medicine built to full protect, especially our airways. No idea how close to home those thoughts are, but kinda make sense to me on a practical level ☺️ Meanwhile, Sheila and I benefited from the best medicine known, family and kindness and love ♥️ Youngest grandchild spent the night Friday night, ending with back to back episodes we’d taped of Young Sheldon, and a near constant laughter at all the shenanigans! 💕 Sunday morning, for breakfast, we walked to a nearby family orientated eatery, The Hive, with an extended outdoor children’s area. It was very nicely laid out, lots of social distancing and mask inside, and lots of space to spread out outside. On the way back I spotted the season’s 1st bluebonnets I’d come across and grabbed the above shot.We’ll take that as a multi-level good-luck omen things truly are turning the corner —Stay well everyone. Stay your course. We truly are getting there!Adanps – I did look up (Google search after I completed the above post) what Moderna’s Covid vaccine approach might be and got “a lot” of interesting information 😊 – […]

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    • Thank you, Tiffany! It’s been a slightly lighter roller coaster for me this time; slept a lot today, but less of the really wrenching aches of last time; am hoping for a reversal of most people’s experience where the 2nd round was the tough one; and especially hoping you & yours get to have y’all’s soon too! ❤️


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