March 26, 2021 – We Received Our 2nd Covid Shots Yesterday!

Got my 2nd Covid shot 03.25.21! 😊
Got my 2nd Covid shot 03.25.21! 😊

It’s been a very long day, and a very long Covid year so to speak, but yesterday, Sheila and I drove to the north eastern hinterlands of Austin and got our 2nd Moderna Covid-19 vaccinations!

The picture above is the cover to my iPad with the two stickers from our shots, plus one from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center that predates the pandemic 😊

I was gonna show all kinds of good related info, but exhaustion, and maybe the 2nd shot’s now fabled after-fatigue, are urging me to keep this short, lol!

I will say this, was impressed that the bathroom at our climate controlled storage (where we’re packing away things so’s we can fit in our new smaller apt late next month) had some nice hygiene signs. Not sure how accurate, but one said that washing one’s hands (evidently not even an afterthought before the Civil War), helped prevent 1 in 3 gastro related illnesses and 1 in 5 respiratory sicknesses. No wonder I was always so clogged up and sick when I was a kid – I thought cleaning my hands meant rubbing them on my pant legs and maybe sticking one finger in my ear for good measure. Yeah, my mom didn’t think much of that idea either 😏

Also, cleaning out my “saved” items in FB the other day, stuff dating back over 5 years, I came across this saved gem, via MarketWatch, from the pandemic’s “early days” as they say in British/NewZealand style shows – See how quickly the coronavirus can spread in a restaurant in this stomach-churning black light video . The link is to the article. Here’s the video, runs about 35 seconds —

The article title’s a bit misleading, should be how quickly the coronavirus “could” spread, and probably does. Even if it doesn’t, it’s pretty obvious most anything else contagious would spread, lol! So, probably, most likely, Covid-19 would too 😊

It’s a simple take on, again, keeping one’s hands clean, etc, something Sheila and I’ve gotten way better with, though she’s always been really good ’bout it and I’ve been, well, not as bad as when I was 5 ☺️

The article, to its credit, does add that none of the very evident evidence of easy contagion even includes that of moisture and particle from people’s mouth and breathing – which then carries us from the reminder of the value of hand washing, to – wearing masks 😷

I wear a mask to protect others from my potential germs. Not something normally necessary. But more than half a million of us have died in our country from this virus so far. And much of that was, as other countries have shown, potentially preventable.

But we are where we are now. And now, for me, and my wife, means glad to finally been able to get our full vaccinations. It also means continuing to frequently wash our hands after being outside our apt. And it definitely means wearing our masks at grocery stores and the gym and other places we may go.

Which in turn means we won’t go where an establishment doesn’t require that others protect me or my wife from potential infection. Especially if it’s an indoor location.

Those are our choices. I think they are science based. I think they are a reasonable imposition against our favored inclinations of gathering more frequently, more densely (though not as densely as when I was 20 😊), and without regard to indoor/outdoor except for the moment’s preference.

So that’s my not-as-short as I intended “take”, but still quick enough I think 🤔 😊

Certainly quicker than it took to get vaccines, lol!

And no, not complaining ❤️

I sincerely hope, if you are so inclined, you receive or received your vaccine(s) as quickly and safely as possible 🙏

Now, as I prepare myself for a possible rough day or two, like after my 1st shot, I’ll wish everyone well, with updates promised as needed on how we’ve responded to our 2nd round of shots 💕


ps – am making progress with my digital line art for my next pen and ink and wash with another of our poems written in the 90s for shows, Radiology Technologist, getting the “skeleton” of the details built up 😊 My latest completed sample, Jogger, was most viewed on Fine Art America last week. You can see it and read about it on my post here –
March 25, 2021 – My Most Viewed Image This Week @FineArtAmerica, Gift Writing, “Jogger”

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  2. Yay!!! I’m so glad you guys got your second shots!! I’m STILL trying to get an appointment, they keep rolling out new groups that are eligible, but they are not providing enough shots for everyone to get one, I am beyond frustrated! And you are so right, the simple act of washing your hands can literally save lives, it’s common sense! 😉🙌

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