March 30, 2021 – First Look at The Brokenwood Mysteries Series (Season) 7 Opener!

The Brokenwood Mysteries Acorn TV Prime Video
The Brokenwood Mysteries Acorn TV Prime Video


Please note: this post was written in 2 sittings at two differing times of the day Monday 😊


My wife and I are neither binge nor choppy watchers of our TV shows. Rather we just go with whatever’s the dominant flow at the time – are we tired? do we have other things needing doing? are we so enthralled we can’t stop watching?

Or, as was the case with Monday’s premier of Season (series) 7, we’re in the middle of sorting and packing for a move late April closer to town and family, got tired mid-afternoon, and decided to take a 30 minute peek at the new 1 1/2 hour nearly-(hopefully)-post-covid episode!

And –

Thirty minutes later we had to tear ourselves away, knowing though, we’d catch the other 60 minutes worth later in the evening 😊

1st 30 minute opener impression?

  • Very nice job setting up an interesting mystery/murder via a historical torture machine
  • Very nice visuals of the varied New Zealand terrains and locales; more a blend now of two other New Zealand shows : The Sounds & 800 Words, where small town and impressive vistas often sit side by side
  • Music evocative but definitely “background” for now
  • Steady re-intro to the fine cast of secondary characters we’ve gotten to know the previous 6 seasons
  • And a smile-bringer hearing those long New Zealand “e’s” in the spoken dialog 😊 I can’t help but mimic the accents now and then ♥️

So that wrapped up my 1st taste of the return of one of my favored shows (US or otherwise), and wife and I settled back into our chores knowing we had the remaining 2/3 to watch and enjoy.

If I have the time, and the energy, lol, I’ll complete my Season 7 Opener review in time for Tuesday’s post. You’ll right away if you see more review below ☺️


Am writing now, relatively late (for us) Monday night, in slight shock at the evolvement & ending of Episode 1 of Series 7 from The Brokenwood Mysteries.

I was, my wife and I both felt, easily on par for the show’s acting effectiveness and entertainment, not always an easy thing for a series to accomplish returning from a season’s break, much this-time-around’s covid extended break, even in New Zealand, who’s done such a marvelous job corralling the virus.

But that was the baseline we were hoping for. What about the rest of the we loved?

Like the music? It seemed to burst forth with a driving beat as needed.

Humor? Layered wryly and generously, from silly to macabre.

And it was the strength and surprise of the latter, comparing to what we remember from the previous six seasons, that surprised, and kinda shocked us.

Events, people, and relationships (apart from the show’s regular characters, main & support) had more of an edge. More duplicity. More unpredictability. And the violence, though still far from what seems par and pervasive for most dramatic TV shows today, American or elsewhere, is pointed. Whether this is a season pattern, we won’t know for another 5 weeks I guess 😊

Either way, Sheila and I were both impressed, reminding us of the caliber of murder mysteries from Midsomer Murders, of which both shows have an intellectual edge to their humor and crime and web of humanity.

And, almost always, that includes the eyes of the innocent witnessing and experiencing that edge….

All in all, I can fully recommend the new season of The Brokenwood Mysteries to anyone liking, or loving, the murder mystery genre!

Stay well everyone! Be adventurous – by playing it safe ❤️



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Thanks again everyone! 😊


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