June 17, 2021 – Update for Delivering Art for the Reopening of The Old Bakery and Emporium (across from the State Capital) Austin, Texas

The Old Bakery & Emporium preparing to reopen 2021, seen - Texas State Capital
The Old Bakery & Emporium preparing to reopen 2021, seen – Texas State Capital

Almost a month ago I posted pics of Sheila and I making our 1st visit in over a year to the Old Bakery & Emporium where I show and sell a variety of images and writings.

One of the nicer surprise developments has been a request to offer prints of my 7 unit Volleyball series.

I’ve now finished formatting my larger size prints (12x18s) and have started formatting the series into 8x10s.

Though I can’t simply resize my larger print size to the smaller, and need to reposition both the player (I used an image of one of my granddaughters) and the ball, plus recalibrate the text & line spacings, I got a good start on it today.

The difference in size formats is more discernible below —

Volleyball Setter Poster 8x10 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Volleyball Setter Poster 8×10 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Stretching the 8×10’s text and images up and downward to simulate pasting the same format (resized) into an 8×10 leaves too small a space top and bottom and too wide a spaces left and right.

The reformatted 8×10 also allows for a mat if the buyer would like to add one.

And, possibly, my alternative design for my volleyball series, using my granddaughter Julia’s might be more neutral appealing, but as shown below, was so complex in development, I not only have only 1 of the 7 formatted like below, but each volleyball version, being differing lengths of lines and line-widths, will require a custom erasing or lightening of the lines of the image for the text to show the way it should.

But, if this current crop of volleyball designs works, then the effort to try working the series into the image below might be worth it 😊 Plus, now I know a few more “things” about how to save the digital layers, thus potentially making it somewhat easier for me to do, say, my baseball series!

Volleyball Setter Poster 2 layers via my Affinity Photo Dashboard https://amzn.to/3fI7OF7
Volleyball Setter Poster 2 layers via my Affinity Photo Dashboard https://amzn.to/3fI7OF7

Meanwhile, Sheila and friends and I are all looking forward to the soft-reopening at the Old Bakery, either late this month or early next ♥️

And finally, an image I haven’t been able to capture for over two years now, one of the views of the Texas State Capital bldg from inside the Old Bakery. Certainly one of the highlights of any visit ♥️

Stay creative, and hopeful!

Sometimes hope is all we got, and when it is, it’s all we need 💕


Also available on Fine Art America 😊

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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