September 19, 2021 – Dappled Light, “Figures in a Landscape Study” Continued

Continued development of "Figures in a Landscape Study", 3rd rendition ©Felipe Adan Lerma September 2021
Continued development of “Figures in a Landscape Study”, 3rd rendition ©Felipe Adan Lerma September 2021

Just a quick post updating yesterday’s release showing what I’ve changed/added on to a watercolor on paper I’d 1st posted about on Sept 7th.

Yesterday’s update post, of enhancements of colors and contrasts, I thought, brought the image closer to something I really like – today’s post shows a few more of the same, plus a few contrasts (lines and edges) softened a bit.

A bigger factor in today’s image update is the addition of more “white”.

I didn’t use masking fluid or tape to begin with (wish I had, at least sparingly), so I’m going back in creating color gaps and adding white as a descriptive color in itself, almost a highlight or dapple. “Almost” highlights and/or dapples being the operative work, lol, ’cause this is still quite abstracted or expressionistic as much as it’s impressionistic I think.

The 1st set of side-by-side pics shows the changes from 1st rendition to 2nd.

And the second side-by-side set below then is the changes from 2nd rendition to current –

The 3rd rendition photo’d a little darker than I wanted, and I didn’t get to work on the current (3rd) rendition much as I’d’ve like cause we’re getting the 8 year old from school and need time to do our “maintenance” fitness routines, lol! Plus eat, etc ☺️

As per yesterday’s post where I notated a list of ideas I have about dappled light, I’ve been reading articles about that (among lots of other searches on YouTube etc) and hope to do a reblog ’bout a post on Joaquin Sorolla soon, hopefully soon.

I’m also wanting to do a post about color image variations of a beautiful figure painting I’ve come across exploring information, showing that (as Dianne Mize often says) if one gets the value contrasts right, the colors will come out right – hopefully soon also 😊

Meanwhile I’m still (almost literally) continuing to claw out a few figure studies for my local printer, Southside Printer, to put on watercolor paper for me, so I can (literally “and” figuratively) freely play with variations of trying to get dappled impressions. These are a few examples, 2 to a sheet, with each individual print measuring 9×12 —

Sample line art - figures & floral, Sept 2021 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Sample line art – figures & floral, Sept 2021 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

So we’re blessed to have “plenty to do!” ❤️

As much as possible, enjoy life with those you care for, doing things you also care for! 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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