September 12, 2021 – Reblog/Review : Website, Claude Monet (Paintings, Biography, and Quotes) Paintings, Biography, and Quotes Paintings, Biography, and Quotes

There is SO much good information, and beautiful images, on this site ( ) it’s almost an embarrassment of riches! Meaning I can’t believe, despite my half-century+ enchantment with impressionism, esp Monet & Renoir) I never came across it before!

In fact, I’m still coming across new material; not to mention the staggering review of much of Monet’s art work!

Much of the informational/biographical material new to me is, contrary to essays I’d read in previous decades, relates to the site’s comfortable and easy connection of Monet’s progressing artistic style to early and current day abstraction (abstract art).

Monet’s continually developing search for freedom and perfection of expression from within himself is, for me, an iconic model of my own freedom of artistic search.

If such an accomplished artist as Monet, as evidenced by his quotes and biography can question himself so deeply, yet still struggle to show what the intent within himself literally looked like on canvas – well, one would hardly be blamed for tempting the same search within oneself today ♥️


There are six tabs at top of .

Each one is worth exploring, for images and for thoughts on creativity.

The “home” page, linked to just above, has one nice chunk of interesting information, while the “biography” tab listed even more information, including this quote, which a recent post of mine referred to as a description of impressionism I think, ie, movement –

How do artists represent and reflect the world they live in? The fact that the natural world is constantly changing makes depicting it a challenge when it comes to oil paintings, which are static and cannot show motion like movies do. To address this issue, the painter Claude Monet became one of the founders of the Impressionism art movement. Impressionism broke from convention and showed artists a new way to develop techniques to get to the heart of the reality in front of them.

Within the Stylist Development section of the Home tab, I read this –

During this middle period in his artistic development, Monet’s artworks moved toward abstraction, although the subjects were still recognizable, for the most part. He experimented with paint to create not only more depth of color but also to add texture to the surface of the canvas.

One wonders, well 😊 I wonder, what he and the other artists then might’ve done had they had handy extras like Golden’s Light Molding Paste!

Meanwhile, back to, the “Masterpieces of Claude Monet” tab has about 28-30 titles (I lost count & estimated how many, lol!), each with a little about the painting and/or his process.

And did I mention there are videos? Embedded with some of the info in the tabs? 😊

Plus a whole section of Monet’s quotes?!? Paintings, Biography, and Quotes Paintings, Biography, and Quotes

I think that’s ’bout all I can say right now – there’s definitely plenty to explore and enjoy; and actually, I think I’ll head back to the site now to see/read more ☺️

My posts featuring Monet directly or indirectly are at –


Thanks so much everyone! Stay creative!

It’s worth it so much!! 💕


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