September 27, 2021 – Sunflower in Dappled Light Study 1, #Watercolor on Paper; 1st Paint Lay-in Over Masking Fluid

Sunflower in Dappled Light Study 1 ©Felipe Adan Lerma, watercolor on paper with masking fluid
Sunflower in Dappled Light Study 1 ©Felipe Adan Lerma, watercolor on paper with masking fluid

A 9×12 on 140lb x watercolor paper, like my previous (and 1st study subject) – Walking in Dappled Light Study 1 (1st rendition), Sunflower in Dappled Light Study 1 also seems quite lacking in dapple-ness, lol! (see comparison images below)

And like that 1st dappled light watercolor study, I’d had an idea of sorta-how I wanted to have the dapple light appear, and inlaid masking fluid onto the heavy paper before applying pigment; maybe this time a touch less randomly, and a smidge more applied with a one-study-under-my-belt educated guess 😊

Whether I applied too much pigment, or not enough masking fluid, especially considering I used “a lot” more masking fluid this time around (probably because my Sunflower study has relatively lots more detail, all those petals etc) is something I won’t know til I remove the masking fluid. Will make a more detailed think-through then ☺️

All of which will be revealed, to you and me alike, when I get to carefully rub the masking fluid off. It’ll be fun to see how this one goes then finishes up before heading back toward evolving my figures. But I figured, petals are like figures, similar, but also different. Degrees of curves, catching the light, being part of the world we’re in love with ❤️

That’s all for me today.

Wife and I’ve been doing a bit more family things than usual, plus picked up our walking quite a bit now we’re not breaking all-time heat records here in Austin, for now 🙏

This is 1) more a study, and 2) I don’t know what if any further paint added might be for naught. So tomorrow it’s time to remove the dried masking fluid – and we’ll see how that comes out 😊

Stay well everyone!

Enjoy any changes for the better! 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. It sounds like so much work. I am amazed when I look at beautiful artwork. So many steps, studying and love for art. I was not gifted with that but I know what I like. You are beginning the study which I admire greatly. 🤗❤️love to you and your family. 🤗❤️

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