October 13, 2021 – A Good Problem, Lots of Interesting Pics and Posts Developing in My Blog Pipeline! Part 2

Recently I posted 3 other canvas paintings I’ve been working on, and here I’m showing the 2 I’d mentioned in that post but didn’t have photo captures of yet.

Both are 18×24 on canvas, with light molding paste from Golden, but, at this stage applied slightly differently.

Pigment went on the gessoed canvas 1st in each case, before applying the light molding paste (which is opaque when thick but translucent at apparently up to 1/8 inch thick) but in the painting to the right (Playtime, Mother and Child), I’m adding quite a bit more color onto the sheen of paste with masking fluid on the pink sorta-figure shapes.

My image to the left, Mother and Child, I want also want to add color onto the coating of paste, but very minimally, as I pretty well really like this as-is, but want just a touch of suggestive definition on the shapes the emerged looking like a woman and child to me 😊

With Playtime, Mother and Child (right side), I deliberately shaped the pink forms into sorta-figures, even if still needing work lol!

I very much wanted these to be “pure” abstracts, but figures just keep cropping up anyways ☺️

Paintings and blog posts in progress ©Felipe Adan Lerma Oct 2021
Paintings and blog posts in progress ©Felipe Adan Lerma Oct 2021
Mother and Child

I had no intentionality of having figures in Mother and Child, but they appeared to me.

Wanting to keep the cleanness & simplicity of the look in this work, I’m weighing very carefully what to add to suggest the forms “just enough” – it’ll be very minimal I believe and just more time – literally it feels like – assimilating the feeling and idea into my muscular system. Kinda like method acting, or maybe learning to walk, lol! ❤️

Paintings and blog posts in progress ©Felipe Adan Lerma Oct 2021
Paintings and blog posts in progress ©Felipe Adan Lerma Oct 2021
Playtime, Mother and Child

Playtime, Mother and Child is a different creature, despite their similarity of beginning with pigment on canvas then adding light molding paste. There’s a different energy all together here, and the current followup-inprogress continues by being much more colorful.

In that followup I placed masking fluid on the figures, and a couple of newer (ie, not seen above) color areas I liked, but then added more color onto those latter areas then lost then when I removed the masking fluid – so goes the creative dance 💃 😊


I’ve begun to feel I’m entering a creative period similar to a few other times, late 2019 when I started experimenting with watercolors on absorbent ground on small 6×6 gallery wrapped canvasses, and around 2016-7 when I restarted painting using water based oils (after stopping around 2010). That’s probably a blog post that’d do me a lot of good to work up ♥️

Take care everyone! Exploring is in our nature. Nice to be able to do it with paint! 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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