December 21, 2021 – 2 Art Products I Like and Use on Amazon : #Arteza and #Golden

Arteza paints - Acrylics, Watercolor & more @amazon
Arteza paints – Acrylics, Watercolor & more @amazon

First I thought it really is too late for the Christmas shopping season.

Then I thought, hey, Christmas is all year, and so is art, lol! So here’s 2 lines of products from two art vendors I use “a lot” in my work currently and thought they might be worth exploring or knowing about for other artists currently working in acrylics or watercolors 😊

So, in no particular order —



To see on Amazon,, or click on link in Tweet below 😊

Though I’ve gotten acrylic paint, in tubes, pouches, jars, and brush pens from quite a number of vendors I like and feel real good about, I chose to showcase Arteza for 3 great reasons —

  • Arteza has an equally impressive range of colors-in-a-box kits of both watercolor and acrylic; and I’ve got most of them, lol! From a dozen to nearly a 100 color variations; which makes it really fun sometimes to pick just the right shade to try out and not have to take time to mix one
  • Both the acrylic and watercolor pigments are bright, dependable, and easy to combine with each other – for mixed media or to snazz up your acrylics with a little watercolor intensity in the mix
  • Arteza also offers their watercolor brush pens in an equally impressive variety of colors and colors-per-kit boxes & used them almost exclusively when doing my 1st watercolors on paper starting last year ( sample – February 15, 2021 – Rowing With the Sun – circa 2021 Watercolor – Adan’s PhotoPoems ) — the ability to combine dry brush w/wet brush (via the included water brush pen) was something I hadn’t expected in terms of utility and ease of use ❤️

I’ve a lot of Arteza related blog posts, some about the product themselves, some of my artwork using Arteza watercolors or acrylics; here’s my search link for Arteza posts on my site –

I highly recommend the quality and pricing of Arteza’s acrylic and watercolor paints!



To see on Amazon,, or click on image to go to product page 😊

Golden Artist Colors on Amazon -
Golden Artist Colors on Amazon –

Golden of course has a long standing reputation reflective of its name I think. The worst I ever hear of Golden products is a wish that they were more affordable, lol! With the then counter-argument that their quality actually extends the life of the product making it equal (or so) to other brands, while retaining an incredibly high standard. I tend to agree with the latter argument yet at the same time they cost less 😊 Can’t help it, brought up too poor and not exactly well off now; happy – yes, rich – no ☺️

Besides my almost exclusive reliance on Goldens Light Molding Paste and Absorbent Ground, I’ve found it girding in some strange way the manner Goldens paint products have been showing up in my recent art readings on the history of art, particularly American art and the rise of abstract art. I great example is my post – November 23, 2021 – Making Connections Between “Ninth Street Women” (a book) and Golden’s Acrylic Paint (a kinda Review/Reblog)

I tried both Golden’s Absorbent Ground ( to be able to paint on canvas with watercolor ) and Golden’s Light Molding Paste ( for thick absorbent texture ) in small containers and now use those original little tubs to refill them from quart ( absorbent ground ) and gallon sizes ( Light Molding Paste ) I prefer to buy now – that’s how good they are!

I’d mentioned beginning of the post I’d started watercolor painting recently ( with Arteza’s watercolor brush pens ), mostly on paper. And when I began the transition to canvas ( not exclusively, I still like the feel of paper ), I turned to Golden’s Absorbent Ground. Well searching for links & pics to use, I came across this on the 32 oz container, Amazon’s reminder on my page when I’d 1st bought that size 😊

Goldens Absorbent Ground on Amazon -
Goldens Absorbent Ground on Amazon –

Kinda a nice reminder of that beginning 😊

I also highly Goldens mediums and, as I try more and more of them, also their paints!


Though it’s basically true that paints and mediums are only as good as whomever is using them, it sure doesn’t hurt any level artist to have materials she or he can depend on, and these two companies’ products, Arteza and Golden, I feel I can definitely depend on 💕

Then I can go on to mess it all up, or make something great, all on my own, lol! ☺️

Stay well everyone! More fun to be creative well than ill 🙏


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Adan, I love Arteza’s products for the price point and all the options, and if I could afford to paint exclusively with Golden products I would!😉 I have a bunch of new products on my wishlist, can’t wait to see what Santa brings me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope you get lots and lots of fun art goodies, Tiffany! 😊 Goldens are really nice, but yes, $$$ 😊 and I’ve still lots of $ paints, lol! Hope the holidays are wonderful for ya’ll, Tiffany; we’re playing it kinda safe ’cause of Omicron, but hope to see a few folks you’re fully vaccinated etc ❤️


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