November 23, 2021 – Making Connections Between “Ninth Street Women” (a book) and Golden’s Acrylic Paint (a kinda Review/Reblog)

Ninth Street Women by Mary Gabriel #LeeKrasner #ElainedeKooning #GraceHartigan #JoanMitchell #HelenFrankenthaler
Ninth Street Women by Mary Gabriel

#LeeKrasner #ElainedeKooning #GraceHartigan #JoanMitchell #HelenFrankenthaler

What a treat! To be reading an informative email (with links within my Goldens info email of new “Just Paint” articles) and learning of another connection between the 1930s-1950s NYC artists I’m currently reading about in Ninth Street Women (by Mary Gabriel) and the acrylic paints I’m using today! ❤️

The book itself often reads like both a novel and personal escort into art and the artists who initiated and propelled abstract art, and —

— because I’m currently revisiting my 1980s obsession / experimenting with (then-80s) acrylic technology, Mary Gabriel’s 2018 book is literally speaking to me of paints and techniques very much in use today. So much so that I’ve been name dropping either one or more of the artists in the book, or the book itself into many of my recent articles. Here’s my search for mentions of “ninth street women” among my blog posts –

And below, is one of many images in a fascinating article about stain painting via Stacy Brock at Golden Artist Colors, that ties in intimately with some of the artists in “Ninth Street Women” —

Stain Painting, by Stacy Brock via Golden Artist Colors' article series, Just Paint
Stain Painting, by Stacy Brock via Golden Artist Colors’ article series, Just Paint

The article is concise and dense with information and images about stain painting, plus I really liked the historical tie-ins involving the creation of paints and mediums used by various early artists, including Helen Frankenthaler in “Ninth Street Women” ❤️

Many other artists during this time also used Bocour paints for staining including Helen Frankenthaler (who invented the “Soak-Stain” Technique), Kenneth Noland, Jules Olitski, and Mark Rothko, all with whom the Bocour/Golden family had direct relationships. Please refer to the sidebar in this article to read about the history of GOLDEN and stain painting in Mark Golden’s own words.

Here’s a snippet of Mark Golden’s words from the above mentioned sidebar —

I remember going to her studio ( my note: Helen Frankenthaler’s ) to show her a new Absorbent Ground that I thought would address the issues of potential degradation of the raw canvas. She placed two canvases on the floor and asked me to paint one of them. I couldn’t have been more embarrassed to be painting alongside her, but she insisted, and gave me an important lesson on what she was trying to achieve that I couldn’t understand unless doing it myself.

Right now, I don’t have much plans to try stain painting, though it sounds like fun, but I love learning about all this, the artists and the paints and the history, and I love making the images I can — learning & doing, much of it on the above mentioned absorbent ground (and molding paste).

Not much more to ask of myself at age 71 right now I think 😊 ♥️

So, asking myself again the question in my title, is this then a reblog, or review, or both? I still gotta say, “yeah, kinda” ☺️


Thanks so much everyone! Stay curious, stay creative! 💕



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    • So very glad u liked this, Robin! I think I got from the article that Absorbent Ground ( and Light Molding Paste ) “may” the question of longevity for the canvas when staining, but unsure the final comparison-look; plus the newer acrylics are less acidic to the fibers? Lot of incredible paint advancements trying to catch up to artists like Helen Frankenthaler’s work! Amazing!! ♥️ 👩‍🎨


    • Happy Thanksgiving, Tiffany! We had a long, good day of it; so hope yours went grand & peaceful as well! I may have to cut back in the most viewed image list now & then cause of time, but a nice list to have sometimes, the top dozen 😊


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