January 06, 2022 – Meant to Write More About Lyrical Abstraction and Other Fun Stuff, But Finished Preparing Pics to Take to the #OldBakeryandEmporium (across from the Texas State Capital)

Snow Canyon ©Felipe Adan Lerma January 2022, 8x10 acrylic on canvas
Snow Canyon ©Felipe Adan Lerma January 2022, 8×10 acrylic on canvas

I’ve been having fun learning esoteric-to-me art theory stuff ( much of it embedded with with art history, esp re comtemporary art ), and wrote a nifty rambling but fun-to-me post yesterday delving into the whole concept of #LyricalAbstraction – all the while amazed I never caught whiff of that term, mainly because the essence of how it was being explained, well, explained to me a lot about my own art.

I like pretty art, vs menacing stuff. I like uplifting art, even if tragic, that’s nevertheless also hopeful. And I like art that reminds me, in twinges or shocks, of something beyond the mundane, even if everyday stuff is included.

So, I definitely intend to continue researching it and eventually writing more about it. Meanwhile, if curious, please check out my post –
January 05, 2022 – Lyrical Abstraction? Never Heard of It, til Now!

Then, besides enjoyably having the 8 year old over 1/2 the day, I also finished preparing prints and framed originals to take to the Old Bakery. I’m swapping out most my remaining work since the end of summer last year, except for some key prints that continue to do well. Being Valentine’s coming up soon – very soon! ( plus my wife’s birthday ) – I finished up some heart paintings, some on paper, like those I sold last Valentines (2021) at Buda Mercantile, and some on canvas I’ve posted about getting ready late last year (2021).

One non-Valentines painting, a small 8×10 I’m calling Snow Canyon, is my header image. It’s also the 1st painting I’ve done with a touch of iredescent medium, which I probably shoulda mixed into the paint vs brushing over the finished piece. Still, interesting effect; will have to see where I go with this, using this glitter-like effect, later on.

Snow Canyon ©Felipe Adan Lerma January 2022, 8x10 acrylic on canvas
Snow Canyon ©Felipe Adan Lerma January 2022, 8×10 acrylic on canvas

Also one of the things the 8 year old & I did was co-paint sections of this new piece, my 1st 24×36 in a very long time, tentatively titled “Walking the Stars.” I very much regret not thinking to have a shot of him working on this on the floor with me. Very old school art approach 😊 I’ll probably be setting this aside for a bit anyways, I’ve so many other projects also going, like, besides the Old Bakery, auditioning some pieces at Art for the People this weekend, so maybe I’ll still have it for him to help again on it ☺️

Meanwhile, I will definitely try to get pics of the work I’m delivering to the Old Bakery, and with that, wishing us all the very best as always – I’m going to get some rest, probably watch another old but-new-to-us episode with my wife of Bergerac, a 1981 British crime drama ( really almost balanced with humor! ) Same actor, John Nettles, who followed this 9 year season run with about 10 years in Midsomer Murders.

No wonder I’m like making abstractions of some sort the other ( impressionistic, minimal, or, supposedly, lyrical ) – my life is an abstract, lol!

Stay well everyone! ♥️


ps – forgot to mention I also revamped my pinned Tweet, again, lol! But worth the try; easier to set up, rotates in a new image with any new upload to Fine Art America, plus includes links to my related blog posts for the image; worth a shot; hope to do a post on this once I get enough feedback re how well it works; the tweet below is my 3rd tweet version getting the kinks worked out 😊

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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        • Oh, yes! Thanks, Francis! 😊 From what I’ve been reading, without the searching, there’s a stagnation; so searching must be akin to the “keep moving” of physical fitness, lol! I don’t think searching means abandoning prior-ness so to speak, as much as being open to trying to see, ie search, for what is inside up wanting expression, and in my case, via color and texture etc. Makes old(er) age seem not so bad as I feared, lol! ☺️

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            • Essences, I’ve come to believe, Francis, for me, are a moving target. Search as the essence of art may very well be true, esp when it’s the searching inside and searching with paint outside to create a felt link. I just have a feeling my grasp of essence, in any of the arts, is a such a combination of things working / touching each other, I feel I’m like the blind man, a short one, lol! touching a giant elephant, and feeling I know what an elephant “is”. I would. In some way. But being also human, I feel I can only know to some extent, and that little bit, when I do know it, ie, feel it, is so powerful, I can only sustain it for the moment. And thus the “moment” becomes so paramount. Either way, it’s such a pleasure to dwell on this than so much of the problems on our planet; though we must, in our own ways, address that too ❤️

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              • It is a pleasure to talk about art, the process and the craft, and you’re right, it takes us…albeit temporarily…away from the mundane. But, as you have alluded to, as artists we cannot, should not, shy away from confronting the problems and the situations that plague our world and our communities. We are part of the social collective and we’ve a responsibility and to speak up is not always an option but an obligation. Have a great and productive weekend my friend. All the best! 😊

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              • Totally agree, we can’t be silent in the face of problems affecting so many of us; and best yet, creating positive uplifting work is a direct response also! Stay well and stay creative, Francis! ( I know you will 😊 )

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