April 24, 2022 – On a Day Too Full to Fully Describe, I Also Got My New Austin Public Library Card!

Sculpture on display at the Austin Public Library - https://library.austintexas.gov/central-library
Sculpture on display at the Austin Public Library –

In due time, ‘ll be posting about all or most of the things that went on today – seeing/hearing the youngest girl read her children’s book ( Skydancer ) at the new downtown Austin Public Library ( her 1st public reading since the pandemic began 🙏 ), watching/cheering on the 9 year old at his kids’ league season finale soccer game ( same little boy who 5 years ago threw himself on the ground and refused to participate ❤️ ), seeing the other grandparents in from Florida, and — getting my 1st library card in almost 2 decades!

On a whim, and a wish to read some books I’d gotten samples of to read on my Kindle but had felt the ebook was to high to purchase, I decided to see if I could get a new library card — and I did!! 😊

The lady at the counter literally walked me through the whole process, handing me a brand new card all set up in about 30 minutes. It literally would’ve taken me half a day on my own, “if” I’d succeeded, lol! She was even kind enough to help show me how to pick and load an available ebook ( Ninth Street Women ) which I can read on my newly uploaded library reading app, Libby, or read it via my Kindle app – very nice!

We, the lovely lady helping me in the library and myself, also found a book I loved the sample of, Joan Mitchell Lady Painter. No ebook available, and the physical book is at a branch library too far from me, but, as part of the Austin Public Library’s system, next week it’ll be delivered to the branch library close to us — also very nice!

Those who are curious can browse my posts about Joan. I really like her work, and I especially like reading about her work, the textural physicality and beauty of the colors, and most of all, her own thoughts and feelings about art and painting, particularly her own work —

So I had a really full, really nice day, even got to paint a “tiny” bit on yesterday’s new yellow abstract, and, got myself an invaluable new toy — a library card 📚 ♥️ ☺️

Skydancer, our youngest girl's book, on display at the Austin Public Library - https://library.austintexas.gov/central-library
Skydancer, our youngest girl’s book, on display at the Austin Public Library –


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Stay well everyone! Amazing how many nuggets from each day’s bounty compete ( synergize? ) to enrich us most 💕


ps – did I mention I can also check out audio books! 😊

See & Buy My Art 👩‍🎨 🎨 ❤️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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