Teaching My First Yoga Class

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The path is pretty, are we there yet?

i’ve already tweeted my prep for the class, format things i was tweaking right to the day, reminders to breathe smile and cue appropriately – so now, two days past the “event” my thoughts about what this class meant to me, is finally meandering its way to the surface

and i’d taught a bit in the past, ESL to immigrants who are adamant about what we grew up assuming are our birthrights here in america (they are 😉 ) plus a week long class on procedures for doing the census as mandated by the constitution; and i guess i could count being a company commander in rotc in hs (though being cool was the “higher” requirement for being followed 😉 )

lastly, being oldest of 6 probably didn’t hurt; (did i mention helping raise 3 kids?)

naw, this was about confirmation

my wife sheila & i had, after decades of dance fitness via Jazzercise, had, this last year, decided we’d get some quick certifications and, for fun, teach a few fitness classes

the only thing quick was how quick the quick part of the plan died off 😉

slowly, via consistent persistent effort, we accumulated certifications and licenses in these, as we continued studying for our AFAA group fitness certs: Zumba and Zumba Gold for high energy or latin smooth fun; SilverSneakers for targeted focus on seniors (who knew seniors simply have a concentration of concerns flush in the whole population?); then the AFAA cert itself, based on a 500+ page theory & practice text, glazing the breadth of fitness from mind-body to weight training to special populations, muscles and bones, and how many energy systems are in our bodies –

even now, SilverSneakers Yoga is on our horizon…

in the interim, i completed my 200 hr YTT immersion

the real question, this first yoga class i was fortunate to be allowed to begin, with a group of seniors clearly my contemporaries, clearly as concerned as myself for a way to finish our years healthier and happier than we might’ve thought possible, was:

would i be able to communicate what i’d learned, in a way the class would like?

in yoga?

with sheila as my model 😉

confirmation received – i’d taught my first yoga class…




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  1. I had no idea you were into all of this. Sounds like you are reall moving and shaking! I am into riding my bike as well as doing exercised for my osteoarthritis, but the current weather situation is not very conducive to accomplishing this, Not too bad though for a 78 year young guy!


    • hi paul, it’s really good to hear from you; been awhile since sheila & i saw you in austin

      sounds like you’re keeping yourself up, as usual; hope i can be as good a shape as you at 78! 😉

      you should definitely find a way to keep your exercise program up, even during this messy weather

      have you looked into indoor cycling? my sister in katy plus sheila’s brother in vt do that a lot & seem to like it

      and of course, for bone strengthening without joint impact, maybe looking more toward isometrics, like longer gently held poses in yoga are great too; if you decide to look into that in san antonio, ask for classes called yin yoga to start, then ask if they have other styles (or names of styles) they think would be similar; be sure and tell them ’bout your osteoarthritis – you probably would like that & other low/no impact stuff for those joints etc; maybe even water aerobics

      but check w/your dr first, make sure he/she would recommend any of those alternative things to your bicycling & other exercises

      knowing you, you’ll find something 😉 definitely the young guy 😉

      email me or sheila when you can & we’ll keep up; all those things sheila & i are learning are just incredible, and you wouldn’t believe how much of it pertains to younger folk too

      take care paul, tell the boys hi for us


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