DVD Review – “Yoga” from Stronger Seniors

Me (Adan) in 2010, just beginning to get back into yoga after "many" decades 😊
Me (Adan) in 2010, just beginning to get back into yoga after “many” decades 😊

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DVD Review –

“Yoga” from Stronger Seniors (Anne Pringle Burnell)




i hadn’t intended to have two dvd reviews in one week, but tomorrow sheila and i are taking the silversneakers’ instructor yoga class, and wanted to brush up on the only chair based / assisted yoga work i’m familiar with before hand, the stronger seniors “yoga” dvd

it should be an interesting comparison for us –

silversneakers’ various classes, of which we’ve taken two, are dense with fitness information, modifications, contra-indications [1], and an actual usable sequencing format designed to provide a fully rounded health enhancing experience

i expect no less from silversneakers’ yoga class tomorrow πŸ˜‰

and speaking of expectations, for a dvd, stronger seniors’ “yoga” by anne pringle burnell [2], won’t give you much less than a full bodied, beginning-middle-and-end, high quality class-alternative

if your biggest complaint is not having a class or dvd with a “full” yoga experience: warm up and grounded beginning of meditation, followed by a combination of flow and held poses, ending with a guided meditative savasana, then this is gonna be a treat for you πŸ˜‰


things i liked:

* anne pringle’s trademark humor, welcomeness, and fitness comprehension

* both a longer and a shorter-basic viewing options [3]

* short, bonus “foot” workout

* three alternating instructors often offering three full versions of each movement [4]

* modifications within modifications often presented

* captioned breaks between opening meditation, the seated & standing pose work, and ending breathing-relaxation section

* use of english with most sanskrit names for easier remembering and identifying

* large range of poses modified for this dvd, including: a mini-cobra [5], half eagle pose, up & down dog, monkey pose, warrior I, mountain pose, a nice sun salutation sequence, and myriad twists and forward bends

* full class sequence of an opening meditation, held and flowing poses, plus savsana (final relaxation)


Reviews: Clear Sailing?
Reviews: Clear Sailing?


things i would’ve liked:

* my perennial favorite wish item: closed captions [6]

* additional pose captions, both in english and sanskrit

* and word that another yoga dvd was on it’s way from anne πŸ˜‰

closing thoughts:

i’ve never met anne, though i’ve received one msg from her via a comment i’d left for someone else’s comment, on amazon, for this dvd –

yet both my wife and i feel completely comfortable with her presentations – wonder at how much we still learn after so many viewings – and marvel at her consistently warm manner and breadth of knowledge through all her dvd’s

we have all the stronger seniors dvd’s, and hope there’ll be more πŸ˜‰


closing challenge:

i’m very strong on believing people need to choose which way they want to improve and lead their lives, so it’s not lightly, that i playfully, and with the reader’s forebearance, issue this gentle challenge to those who are fit and well :

if you think, because you are fairly or even “very” fit, that you would not benefit from the stronger senior dvds, you may find, as my wife and i have, that they offer a full bodied relaxing workout between our more usual sets (jazzercise, yoga, zumba, resistance work, etc)

if you are a fit and well person, but have had times you couldn’t exercise like you’d like, due to illness or injury or needed recovery time [7], try these series of workouts to see if they could be a good back-up for you

if you are fit, and know people who would like to improve their health, but are afraid to start, these are a great way for someone to begin; especially if you do it with them at first πŸ˜‰


namaste – con dios – god be with you


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dvd review series



[1] when first learning about contra-indications and modifications, i was moderately shocked to realize, these were cautionary concerns i could’ve been helped by knowing when i was younger – ie, these are not just for seniors πŸ˜‰

[2] anne’s bio is about 1/2 down the the strongerseniors “about us” page

[3] this review is mostly focussed on the “basic” shorter routine, which is about 40 minutes in length; the longer set is closer to an hour

sheila and i both prefer the shorter sequence, which at over 1/2 hour, is a nice length for our needs

[4] it’s a huge benefit to frequently have 3 distinct movement options; edna and james do a great job of helping anne, and james actually leads certain segments

[5] though not intended, but much in line with the rush of merging information processing within me lately, anne’s chest opening cues reminded me of some of ray long’s anatomy cues, such as for enhancing the breath

[6] i’ve begun to think i should have this “wish item” on my desktop for quick reach to paste into future reviews πŸ˜‰

the frustration of kinda hearing, sorta hearing, maybe hearing what was said, especially when important, is compounded by the fear that what was missed, was “really” something importnat, if not just down right interesting πŸ˜‰

i’ve also begun to suspect, since so few dvd’s provide closed captions of the spoken text, that maybe the cost is prohibitive, or difficult to obtain – i don’t know

i do know a great dvd example of how beneficial closed captions are, with an option to not use them, is via gary kraftsow’s two viniyoga dvd’s

[7] recovery, or rest, is beginning to be hyped as the “forgotten variable” and for good reason

two good places to read about this (among many), are, livestrong.com, and via a search for “training recovery time



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