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Repost of February 11, 2011 post.

“cross country” – meditation, or illusion?


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Happy National Running Day


Please Note, this is a repost from February 11, 2011


participated 011912 in dVersepoets prompt “Imagism”

especially in regard to the moderator, ‘s, quote:

 “Pound further defined an image: ‘that which presents an intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time.’”


Bricks, the Spaces Between the Paths
Bricks, the Spaces Between the Paths


below is a poem i wrote nearly 17 years ago, “cross country”

i didn’t know what i know now, and all i did was describe what i experienced, occasionally, when i ran what was then a distance for me, several miles, and would now be, a marathon  😉

posted on my old art site in 2007, i’ve included the short commentary i placed under the poem then

monday, valentines’s day, my wife sheila’s birthday, i’ll post “heart beats”

both poems will, eventually, help me write my next multi-part post, due tuesday: “meditation: am i doing it yet?”


Cross Country


Learning to pace is key.

Letting the thud thump

of one’s feet slip

skip into a heart beat.

Allowing the mind to find the eye’s

range into any distance.

Rough broken edges of rocks

soften.  The round turns of

foliage and trees sharpen.

Green and brown and blue become bound.

One’s view and nature

grow balanced between the

thud thump heart-feet-beat

of one’s breath beginning to

settle easily through and out

the gliding body.

The floating consciousness

breathes lightly through the views.

And the countryside within and without

becomes covered, crossed and claimed

by one heart.  One vision.

© 1994-2011 adam light creations/adan lerma


Artist’s Comment: though many of my writings are more empathy/research based than experiential, this one is one i’ve lived and felt just like it’s written

though i didn’t go on to become like a devotee of the sport, i touched it enough to see and feel beyond the sweat and ability to eat more than i do now 🙂  i saw and felt the world around me, within

adan – december 15, 2007


i just assumed, when i wrote my post-run post-poem artist’s comment, i was simply taking a mystic stance in the midst of science

so what is the consensus or expert opinion, is “cross country” meditation?

one answer, meant for yoga, but possibly also applicable for me, is from a guest author on the yoga lunchbox:

“Repetitive sequences may look limiting from the outside, but I find them enabling. They are like a container that supports me and continues to expand as I expand. Once I learn a sequence, I do not need to think about what is coming next or what I think I might want to do. My mind becomes more still as I just flow from one posture to the next. Outer structure leads to inner freedom…This is why Ashtanga is often called a moving meditation.”

sounds pretty good to me

but i don’t practice Ashtanga per se, i’m still experimenting…

so when i post my new series, “meditation: am i doing it yet?” next week, i’ll attempt to do so from a post-run post-poem post-artist-only viewpoint  😉

will it still qualify as a yogic viewpoint? maybe?

and what might my viewpoint be in 2020? what type of view point could it be?

a nano-point perhaps  😉


Preview of “101 Sports Poems, Vol 4 : Running * Bicycling * Swimming * Sailing * Gymnast”, courtesy of Scribd :


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