Texas to Vermont – Finishing Up, On to Paris, then Back to Texas

Love's Travels - Vermont, Paris, Austin; © felipe adan lerma Texas to Vermont – Finishing Up, On to Paris, then Back to Texas

Pictured left : Love’s Travels – Vermont Paris Austin

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Texas to Vermont – Finishing Up, On to Paris, then Back to Texas


the variations are our breathing into our words the nuances of our life



Little River Along Mountain Road in Stowe Area
Little River Along Mountain Road in Stowe Area © Felipe Adan Lerma

in the almost year and a half my wife and i have been in vermont, being able to visit and be near her family, where she was born and grew up, all the way to graduating from the university of vermont, we have wavered between leaving immediately 😉 , staying longer, and leaving as planned, around this time, but not sure exactly to where we would go next

in that time, our assumptions of what we’ve wanted / needed / should do, have also changed and fluxed, morphed and grown, tweaked and clarified

we finally settled on going back to texas, at least for the holidays, then finally doing a life long dream plan of staying in paris for a month or more, and enjoying that fantasy on at least on a more leisurely level

with news that our youngest girl was expecting her first child, we flipped those plans to going to paris first, then texas, ready to greet the newest grandchild

at this time, that plan seems to be holding 😉

below, then, is an update on my texas to vermont series of posts, possibly my last one, with a wrap-up and expectations regarding fitness and the arts


On to Paris

Sheila Taking Tourists' Pictures in Paris, circa 2002
Sheila Taking Tourists’ Pictures in Paris, circa 2002

first, once we reach our new exit-from-vermont flight date, due to hurricane sandy, we’re off to paris as originally planned

i have to say though, our week-long delay here at the sun & ski inn has put us into what so far has been the best place to recover from the work we went through leaving our apartment (cleaning and packing etc, seems much tougher the older we get 😉 ) – the image above is the view from our sliding doors at the back of our unit

we’ve had secure for paris what promises to be a nice way to spend an extended time of about five weeks during the non-tourist season – more on that once we’re there

we’ll of course have pictures, and i’ll start a new photopoem series, much like the ones i have for vermont and the birds in galveston, something i look fwd to doing at least weekly

Seine & Eiffel Tower, circa 2002 - © Felipe Adan Lerma
Sunset, Seine & Eiffel Tower, circa 2002 – © Felipe Adan Lerma


Back to Texas

Sheila by Hike & Bike Austin Texas '05
Sheila by Hike & Bike Austin Texas ’05

before the christmas holidays we’ll be headed back to texas for a year or more, or good, who knows 😉

it’ll have been the longest i’ve been away from my home state, and three years since we’ve lived in austin (with our 1 1/2 year stay in galveston)

burlington, many people who live here have told me, is the miniature northern version of austin, with its culture, energy, music, good eats, hills, and nearby water –

flip the longish summers in austin with the equal length longish winters in burlington, grace away the over one and a half million population difference, and yes, i’d have to agree, incredibly and often, pleasantly true 😉

Under Lamar Street Bridge, 4th of July '05
Under Lamar Street Bridge, 4th of July ’05 – © Felipe Adan Lerma


Photo Poems

it appears i’ll mostly be posting photopoems for the near term –

they combine the visual and written arts, and for me are fun things to do

besides numerous stand-alone photopoems, many written for prompts from dVersePoets, I currently have two series, though the latter, the bird series, are really photos with captions – they were my pre-runner to my current photopoem format 😉

the other set, the vermont photopoem series, is a more fully developed idea of what i like to do for now – it lets me present an image (which i have fun choosing and working up) and a short verse (that i enjoy tying to what the image compels from me)

once in paris, i fully hope to start a new thread, the paris photopoems series 😉


i do want to mention that, besides prompts from dVersePoets, the first impetus to think of combining my own image and verse in its current form, came from a photopoem by jomul, who has an interesting site i’d recommend browsing


Fitness Classes

Adan + 40 Lbs with Sheila on Bike Path, Austin Texas '05 : Did I Mention I Didn't Get Fit (again) Until 2008?
Adan + 40 Lbs with Sheila on Bike Path, Austin Texas ’05 :
Did I Mention I Didn’t Get Fit (again) Until 2008?

i’d often wondered how i could better motivate my fellow seniors in the classes sheila and i teach, that they too could improve from what ever fitness level they were at, if they wished –

i should have had and shown them this picture 😉 maybe still will

and this post certainly can 😉

i even was wearing my 100 club exercise t-shirt!! it’s hilarious!

and more so ’cause the way to fitness is NOT just exercise (attentive movement), NOT just diet (sensible eating), but breathing, consistency, persistence, habit – did i mention i had a good partner? 😉 yeah, that too 😉

but to my senior classes here in vermont, those through the The Y, both the early morning aerobics jazzing line-dancing ladies, but also the chair based gonna do it afternoon seniors – my deepest sincerest thank you !!! 

sheila and i will see what we see once we’re back in texas, fitness class teaching wise, but we’ll always miss these great folks 😉

Adan by Little River 2012
Adan by Little River, Stowe Vermont 2012
With My Hands Where My Belly Used to Go To 😉


Last Word – Won’t Be Able to Respond to Comments for a Bit

i’m posting this the day before we leave our temporary lodging because i’ll likely not have internet to respond easily for 2-3 days, depending on where i can get wifi in paris

but i will get back to everyone, so take care, blessings 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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    • lol !! i bookmark ya’ll’s poems all the time, such a treat to get back to something and enjoy reading it leisurely 😉

      that pic of me “before” re-fitness cracked me up! i couldn’t stop laughing & sheila had to come over and see what, my oh my –

      take care claudia, hope to be in your neck of the world later this week 😉


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