DVD Review – Denise Austin “Personal Training System” (yoga stretch segment)

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Please Note: this post updated 092519
Originally published 021111

dvd review – denise austin “personal training system” (yoga stretch segment)

Above image is a link, and you can also start or expand your own search from the linked image. Can be an easy handy way to start a fitness search 😊



Though this is an old format, DVD, I thought it best to keep this post as the item is still available.

My wife and I have followed Denise Austin’s routines for more than two decades, and I’ve owned this DVD twice, having lost the 1st one after a move!

There’s a simple 10 minute surprisingly comprehensive routine I did almost every morning before going to work. It loosened me up gently and made my day go by much better when I did the short routine.

Highly recommend, in whatever format is available 😊


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Please Note: This post updated 092519


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