My Day Ahead – Nov 13, 2019

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Very early start to an even colder morning, and this time we’re going out into it vs staying quietly home, lol! Taking Sheila to the Y for 8, then back-tracking a short distance to Cypress Grill to deliver 2 paintings for the Creative Arts Society show there, then back to the Y w/hopefully enough time to walk the track indoors (an extra treat this morning!), and hopefully finish up at Sprouts after with fresh wild salmon for lunch (w/tons of veggies of course!) 😊

After today, mild cool days (even if one is rainy) – what a relief, lol!

I’ll be curious to take a look at my potentially finished painting, In the Light, and see if I still think it’s complete! 😊 Take care everyone!


Listening to Barbara Streisand duets (Celine Dion, Neil Diamond) ; Ed Sheeran (Beautiful People) ; George Michael (Careless Whisper) (Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, w/Elton John)

1) Austin cold 2) finishing In the Light 3) Max & Grandma ❤️

(walking and the Austin cold)
An abnormally cold day yesterday (which this morning & today will match or beat) kept me in most the day. Sheila and I did take a very short after-lunch walk in the sun, but my remainder walks were all inside, pacing the rooms, accumulating steps, but not enough to reach my 7500 step goal 1st time in about two weeks.

This past spring, where we lived before, closer to the river, I walked more in the cold, but 1) was stronger, at least until I got sick & the surgeries, and 2) the area was much more developed with big older trees that thrived off the moisture underground from Lady Bird Lake, ie, I had more cover from the wind.

The important thing I had to accept yesterday was – making my walking goal is important, and creating a new continuous streak is welcome uplifting feedback to my myself, but, neither is more important than accepting moderation when warranted.

Neither would help me if I got one of my infamous respiratory infections, esp with a still fragile newly-aligned esophagus also picking up the cold air.

So I broke my walking streak, walked indoors, using elastic bands, combining strength and “some” walking; did bridges to open up the spaces between my discs in my spine; and worked my art. I’d definitely call that aging gracefully ❤️ 😊

(In the Light – finished, I hope!)
Mid-morning, I began in earnest again with In the Light, my re-do project I’ve often spoken about in re to my reading of Notan, the design book. I’d finished last night (Monday) finishing Chapter 1 (Notan in Everyday Life), and began to better understand a little of the author’s thinking re authenticity in art.

Curious, I skipped past the numerous ensuing exercises (shapes to avoid, neg shapes w/+ reversals, spacing +++), to Chapter 8 (Notan & the Innocent Eye).

“To the artist’s eye there is no good or bad. There is just the inappropriate.”

“We must silence this know-it-all part of us if we would break through the concretion of facts we have collected to achieve the innocence of vision that we had as children and that we must have as artists.”

All in all, I feel I’m closer to what I want with In the Light and may not be able or want to do more with it. I’ll know more later today when I give it a fresh look. But I do think it’s reached the feeling inside me when I 1st thought I’d finished it in the spring.

And so I was right, in one sense, to keep struggling to find that small mop brush I finally found at Michael’s. It let me ever so gently apply a combination of white, mixed with fine marble dust, on the feather-tip like ends of my new 1/4 inch mop brush. I literally gently swept the full surface until I’d felt I’d unified the image both in tone (values) and surface. That alone is something I’m pretty sure I don’t want to “tinker” with… 😊

(Max & Grandma ❤️)
Now that I’ve moved this small painting from the art room to across from our dining table, Sheila and I were able to clearly see it as we ate and we talked about the day she took Max walking when he was (we think) about two. He just wanted to “go” lol! So (as even now sometimes), whoever was with him had to have him by the hand, and I told Sheila ‘bout when Max 1st saw it up in its new wall space —

Max – “Why is Grandma’s arm so long?”
Me (looking up, studying the painting for a second, sneaking a glance at his perplexed expression) – “Oh. Part of that is your arm.”

I pretended to still be doing whatever it was I was doing, glancing up to see him whiplash a look back to the painting with the most surprised look. Turning his head slowly back to me, I gave him a smile, and he turned back to the painting. Studied it.

Max – “But you don’t draw, you paint.”
Me – “You can do both.”
Max – “Oh!”


Note: pics of my painting, Max & Grandma, In the Light, and more, are in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures, Nov 12’19, also listed automatically once posted, under my Category link – .

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