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Reviews via Felipe Adan Lerma


A Little Background

From the time we met, Sheila & I loved seeing movies. Most of course had to be seen in the theatre, at the movies, without surround sound, lol!

We still do – Netflix, Amazon Prime, any number of TV channels, cable, DVD (at one time), and the old time movie house theatre, when it seems worth paying the $$$ & the experience promised being worth seeing “on the big screen!”

I actually wrote movie reviews in college, one of my first, after return to college after leaving the Air Force, was Car Wash w/Richard Pryor. I wish I still had it! Titled it, “A Sudsy Cleansing for the Blues” 😊

About My Reviews

In general, I don’t do negative reviews.

Generally, I think it’s more productive to steer folks toward stuff I like or thought was really good (sometimes that’s the same thing, sometimes not quite 😊)

I do often say what might/could be better, or I’d rather’ve seen or experienced, but in the context of why I liked the movie or TV show enough to want to do a review at all.

Thanks everyone – Adan

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 2 – 4 Stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ – has a preview trailer 😊

My review title is —
Good Old Fashioned Action Movie – Flaws & Yays! 😊 

For both my wife and myself, this was a perfect action movie mingled with memories of related themes and other shows – The Brave (1 season on TV), couple of the best action episodes on Black List (TV), Mr Smith goes to Washington (Jimmy Steward movie), to name a few. Gut riveting pace and suspense. But yes, you’ll have to ignore the too-many errant missed bullets by the bad guys, questionable allowances the good guys get away with (in order to save the day 😊), and other usual genre specific niceties needed to make a genre fiction work (think break out musical numbers in the middle of the street in a musical).

But also be prepared to remember how incredibly skilled and brave our trained troops (even those out of the service) really are. How sophisticated the tech in warfare now really is. And how desperately real the poverty and imbalances in Venezuela really are; as is equally true of Season 1’s portrayal in another part of the world, and (I won’t argue) in parts of our own country (US).

So yes, Season 2 is also sappy, knows how to pull heart strings, create action drama for action drama’s sake (great roof top chase, visually & kinetically; fantastic jungle fighting action, etc) and yes, don’t forget the bad guy’s far too frequent errant bullets – even though, I gotta admit, it felt really good they did 😊

More info on the TV series, The Brave, mentioned in the review, is at – – and at – . My wife and I were very disappointed and surprised it was cancelled. I guess the 97% of Google users that also liked the show didn’t matter either, lol!

Mr Smith Goes to Washington info is here –

I’ve a link below among my review samples for The Blacklist, the TV show starring James Spader (among several other great co-stars).

If you like action shows with lots of differing locales (London, South America jungle, etc), a few twists and turns in the plot, and the good guys winning (to a degree anyways 😊) then you probably would like Season 2 of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, even if the story and character aren’t, as per Clancy’s readers, from Clancy’s books.


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