January 17, 2021 – Selling 3 Small Originals at Buda Mercantile! Part 1

Yesterday was a good day for my 1st day back this year with my art at Buda Mercantile.

The weather was clear and cool, I went a bit earlier in the day to be able to return for a late lunch with Sheila, and I sold 3 small originals!

– One 5×7 watercolor on canvas panel with absorbent ground (seen above) —
Gifts & prints avail at Fine Art America

– And two new acrylic heart originals on 6×9 acid free watercolor paper from Michaels, which I’ll have pictures of in Part 2. They’re both being formatted and uploaded to Fine Art America today and would show up in my Painting Gallery and in my newest gallery – Hearts 😊

Interior of Buda Mercantile Jan 06'21 https://m.facebook.com/budamercantile/
Interior of Buda Mercantile Jan 06’21

Above is a large wood table I can spread my work out on, very handy! 😊

Leading to Christmas I had a much larger spread, but today I was feeling my way back with a couple of my usual painting originals plus a small swatch of recent 6×9 acrylic hearts on paper.

My view is nice, with windows behind and beside me.

The entire space was renovated recently with our youngest girl (who wrote Skydancer) and a friend taking the lead on the project. It took quite awhile navigating city codes, preserving historical features while still meeting the current new wiring etc standards.

My post, here, has more info and pics on the process. Pretty amazing job!

My art work at Buda Mercantile Jan 06'21 https://m.facebook.com/budamercantile/
My art work at Buda Mercantile Jan 06’21

This pic above has the front view of my display area, with originals and prints, including 1/2 dozen other acrylic hearts on paper. Good thing I’d just got done taking photos of all the hearts, lol!

The Michael’s 140 lb paper I’ve found seems to work really well with everything from watercolor to gouache to acrylic, and I’ll have much more on that (including, in Part 2, the 2 acrylic hearts I sold) as I’m able to find time to post and talk more about my experiments with those 3 pigment choices on that paper. Hopefully soon!

It’s been interesting for sure, lol! 😊

Buda Mercantile, Buda Texas https://m.facebook.com/budamercantile/
Buda Mercantile, Buda Texas

Above is a screen shot w/lots of info how to contact Buda Mercantile.

Their Facebook link, https://m.facebook.com/budamercantile/ also has a link, seen bottom of pic above ( “Send Message” ) which I’m told is also a good way to reach the folks there.

As things improve over the year, with vaccines being rolled out, and the weather improves, I’m very hopeful there’ll be more and more opportunities to show and sell and meet people in this historical location steeped in the richness of authentic 1800s wood, windows, and other architecture 💕

Buda, Texas is very fortunate to have such charm on its Main Street.

And I’m very fortunate to share in it ☺️


Stay hopeful everyone! Stay active 💃 🕺 be creative 🎨


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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