March 18, 2021 – Developing 2 New Art Projects, One a Butterfly Watercolor on Paper, the Other a Digital Gift Item Combo of Poetry, Line Art and Wash for #Jogger – Update 2 : Jogger Completed!

Jogger Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma, with Text and Digital Pen and Ink with Wash
Jogger Poster v3 final rendition ©Felipe Adan Lerma, with Text and Digital Pen and Ink with Wash

With Sheila’s help, I was able to finalize the work on the image for Jogger – whew!

I’d already uploaded it to Fine Art America and luckily she spotted some areas she strongly felt a bit more definition. Those are the finer/thinner lines on the lady’s top’s neckline plus a crop top suggestion line mid waist.

As much difference as is seen below between my initial digital line art and my first additions of color (and a bird 😊), those tiny changes literally, I think, gave needed body and definition to the woman’s torso.

Here’s the beginning differences below, and below them, the smaller finishing changes difference.

Though of course much more visible in my imagined full printed image size (18×12 inches) I can see that the vagueness of the right side rendition w/out further definition, though still very pretty, is incomplete in this setting.

I’d already created and added “touches” to the background that, though also visible in a smaller size, will be much more significant in a larger size print.

A full resolution sample screenshot shows some of what I mean (since my WordPress image, via my settings, is still not as full clarity as seen via Fine Art America’s Preview Option.

Jogger Poster detail shot ©Felipe Adan Lerma, with Text and Digital Pen and Ink with Wash
Jogger Poster detail shot ©Felipe Adan Lerma, with Text and Digital Pen and Ink with Wash

What’s particularly encouraging for me is that this is only my 2nd full on attempt creating this, for me, unique combination of our 1990’s gift poems, and my new 2021 digital pen and inks with washes.

I’ve much to learn, but it looks like I’m headed in some sort of right direction, lol!

Below are my comparison images from my previous post.

There’s a lot I was able to get done yesterday on Sky on Fire Butterfly too, and I’ll take an ending-yesterday shot today, then another when I finish, which hopefully’ll be today 😊

I can tell you I clarified and spruced my butterfly also, though differently than my digital work of course. Right now, because the paper was so damp, it’s drying nicely on wax paper under a big heavy ballet hardback book I like! I checked in on it before bedtime and the paper and butterfly were sleeping & seemed very happy ☺️


For reference – my 1st digital line art / poem / wash (done recently) was Little Dancer.

While my most recent butterfly watercolor superimposed on line art was Floating Butterfly.

My digital art is done with Affinity Photo, and my watercolor art via Arteza’s Real Brush Pens.

I did add a very small amt of Daniel Smith tube watercolor to my butterfly. Not a lot, but helped make a difference I like. Gonna take another good look at it today in new light and, well, “see” 😊

Take care everyone! Be safe & stay creative! 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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