April 01, 2021 – Moving in Our 70’s in a Time of Covid is No April Fool’s Day

Lady in Paris 1889 ©Felipe Adan Lerma in-progress summer 2020
Lady in Paris 1889 ©Felipe Adan Lerma in-progress summer 2020

I did think of doing an April Fool’s post for fun, then thought, nah.

And I contemplated a longer post about my plans re what and how to do my next line art with wash joined to one of my poems, thinking maybe Middle School Teacher next, then a yoga one, then back to others in my Volleyball series, especially considering Volleyball Setter was last week’s most viewed image on my Fine Art America site, and pulled back on that one too.

I needed to load our car over “many” trips down the stairs with boxes we want stored in our new storage space. And, we had a nice order filled and waiting for us to pick up at Total Wine. Plus, we were almost out of bananas (and other stuff) and needed to stop at Sprouts to get groceries.

And, temps were scheduled to start falling by noon with wind at gale force (or so) – now that, thankfully, like my contemplations ’bout an April Fool’s post and my next digital/poem combos, just didn’t happen, lol!

But we did get the car loaded and unloaded over at our new storage, did pick-up our wine order via curb service, and did – as usual – a larger than planned grocery run (including a freshly baked chocolate muffin our grandson Max favors) 😊

We had a great lunch of veggies and mussels, then went back to work sorting and boxing.

Til we got tired and watched 1/2 a Midsomer Murders (’bout 50 minutes).

And finally, I sat down to paint again. Like I did the day before.

I was exhausted, but wanting to paint.

Here’s a screenshot of my fitness tracker app just a little later that evening. Lot of steps, stairs, and more telling, lots of intensity minutes for 3 days into the week. Pace, pace, pace 😂

My fitness tracker reading 7:37pm 03.31.21
My fitness tracker reading 7:37pm 03.31.21

And looking back at my blog posts and beginning this painting (listed individually below), I realized it was the 1st time working on this acrylic Paris painting in nearly a year! That happens sometimes. And I’m not feeling pressed to finish this any time soon. I feel there’s too much still revealing itself to me ’bout how this is to be painted.

That’s been true of this work since the beginning, when what’s now a “lady” was a bush, lol!

Maybe this particular painting is its own continual April Fool’s prank on me.

Continually, pleasantly, surprising me ♥️

Stay safe everyone!


ps – will be trying to upload a small finished watercolor from last week onto Fine Art America later today; we’ll see how the time goes.

ps ps – here’s the posts I could find from last year re starting Lady in Paris 1889 (the year the Eiffel Tower opened)

Aging Gracefully – Through Covid-19 – New Paris Paintings In-Progress: Lady in Paris 1889, Paris Arm Chair View (July 02, 2020)

Aging Gracefully – Through Covid-19 – New Paris Painting In-Progress: Lady in Paris 1889, Details One Week Apart (July 08, 2020)

I hope to have some decent pics to post of Lady in Paris 1889 (perpetually)-in-progress later today 😊

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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