May 31, 2021 – The Old American Artist Twitter Excerpt Series, Number I.2.2 – with Commentary

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I’ve re-arranged a few sections from my original posting of these excerpts to emphasize both the excerpt and my new added commentary in this new series.



Commentary 05.31.21
So many moments like this, in this and any story I’ve written, are echoes of actual individual, usually unexpected, experiences that not only imprinted themselves on me, like here, the heavy chill of a morning breeze saturated by the water’s edge, but simultaneously made me acutely aware I was recording this moment, experiencing the moment, immersed in memory and sensory immediacy all at once. It’s as pleasantly as stark awakeness can be for me. And it’s a time primed with desire for creativity….



To make posting my series of excerpt tweets for my novella, The Old American Artist, easier for me to post regularly (Mon-Fri), and quicker for folks to see and read, I created a reference post/page with “lots” of info that can easily be reached there 😊

That includes info on or about :

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