July 23, 2021 – Where I Left Off Before Our Trip, New Watercolor on Canvas in-progress, Preparing to Add a Figure

Figure photo, line art & value study ©Felipe AdanLerma for 25x40 Austin Greenbelt watercolor on canvas 07.22.21
Figure photo, line art & value study ©Felipe AdanLerma for 25×40 Austin Greenbelt watercolor on canvas 07.22.21

I’m continuing to get back into my art groove after really enjoying my photo groove during my wife and I’s (with the 8 year old grandson!) 1st trip in 3 years! ☺️


Like my prep work for my 1st watercolor Austin Greenbelt poster on paper, I placed my source image and line drawing in one side by side file to work from – blocking out our friend’s face for privacy.

Then I decided I should probably do a digital value study too, lol!

So despite spending part of the morning 1st time in nearly 2 weeks at the nearby greenbelt 😊 I carved out the image I wanted, created a BW rendition, then digitally painted in my line art with Affinity Photo.

Next I want to paint one or more small watercolors on paper of the figure.

It’ll occupy a small piece of the 25×40, maybe only 2-3 inches tall, to it’ll be a challenge to get it convincing; though inserting it into my work in progress.

The canvas with my hand drawn line art, and the current state of my work-in-progress, are both below.

Though similar to my Barton Creek Greenbelt watercolors posters on paper, the canvas rendition, along with the inlay of light molding paste over the canvas gesso, still creates its “own thing” I think. The size of course has its own impact, especially on me work on it, lol! 😊


That’s it for today; got a lot done, got a lot to do, and very grateful this is something I can work on ❤️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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  1. […] Figure photo, line art & value study ©Felipe AdanLerma for 25×40 Austin Greenbelt watercolor on canvas 07.22.21Featured in my blog post – https://felipeadanlerma.com/2021/07/23/july-23-2021-where-i-left-off-before-our-trip-new-watercolor-… […]

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    • Thank you, Tiffany – I have such a love/hate relationship with creating figures in my art, lol! For the current 25×40 watercolor on canvas, I need to downsize my digital drawing plus get it both proportionately and integrated into that existing work – a real bugga-boo! Next 25×40 I’ll start with the figure 😊 I’ll have post on today’s false starts maybe tomorrow 👀 😉

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  2. […] Yesterday posting about my resuming progress on a new watercolor on canvas (with absorbent ground) via beginning a study process for adding a figure to the nearly finished work, I mentioned I’d spent my 1st time at the nearby greenbelt in nearly 2 weeks!It was a pristine morning, warm, sunny, lightly breezy, and hardly crowded at all – in other words : wonderful! 😊 Above, via a new poster, now uploaded to Fine Art America for prints and gifts, is part of the terrain and views I came across —And below, in two screenshots, are 2 full resolution previews Fine Art America offers for viewers, though here on my site I do constrict full resolution due to monetary considerations for use of image space etc. One day I may not need thinking about that, lol! But right now… ☺️ Still, what I can show here, right now, isn’t bad at all! […]

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