September 06, 2021 – Wife and I’s Labor Day Labor of Love Weekend Treat, Watching #TheCourier with #BenedictCumberbatch @PrimeVideo

Review: The Courier on Amazon Prime Video
Review: The Courier on Amazon Prime Video

At nearly two hours in length, we could’ve still watched it in one sitting, but the pandemic, and maybe our age (70s) has given us the sometimes-patience to have watched this brilliant Cold War movie (of events Sheila and I lived through in our youth) piece by piece; in-between free exercise videos from Essentrics, a grocery run, good meals, walking (only in the early mornings) and staying out of the heat and air warning days of heat & pollution of course 😊

With, as wife and I call them, Sherlock and Mrs Maisel both in the film, we expected this Amazon original to be good, but it’s way good, lol!

The acting, as to be expected, is superb. Sets seem authentic – I mean what do I know what Russia looked like then or now 😊 The dreariness of the times is less dreary than usual movies of the era, and the haunting words of John F. Kennedy echo with the power and authenticity of purpose Sheila and I remember from our childhoods. And the danger is brutal, cold-blooded, and riveting.

I personally chose to watch mostly because of Rachel. Besides Mrs. Maisel (one of our favs) we also saw her a bit back in another Amazon Original, I’m Your Woman, and it was clear how far this young lady is gonna go with her talent. But even I gotta admit, Cumberbatch is outstanding beyond my expectations!

And that was the 1st half, or just over half.

The remainder shifted from tense, to brutal, heart wrenchingly brutal.

And carried The Courier from top notch entertainment, to a film within us, a film of us.

A film of the nature of human character in the face of sheer brutality, to the light of day again.

Based on true events, the final segment features a short actual video interview with Benedict Cumberbatch‘s real character after the events in the film.

For a film about what’s at stake for any working man or woman, or unfortunately, many children, this is truly at the heart of what Labor Day probably is about – though I personally would not recommend for small children to watch. My wife and I lived through those days ourselves, as children, and for better or worse, were in many ways innocent and fortunate to not know or feel the full extent of those early 1960s, when our president stood for and defended our country with every ounce of vigor in his being.

Happy Labor Day everyone – we may be sad about many things; but this film reminds us of so much we can be happy and grateful for ♥️


ps – I’d be very much remiss not to also say that Merab Ninidze‘s Russian character is easily the supporting actor in this film and handily deserves an award nomination 💕

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. Hi!!! Thank you for sharing about the movie! I was wondering about it – have it in my “watchlist” to see, soon. The cast sounds terrific, too! Yes, wow – the Cold War – I remember. Scary times. And, yes, we do have soooooo much to be grateful for!! (((hugs))) 🤗

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