My Holiday 2020 Amazon Affiliated Recommended Items My Wife and I Have Bought and Like – Fire TV!

Toshiba Fire TV
Toshiba Fire TV

Easily one of the best investments for our time and enjoyment my wife and I have made for both leisure time (tv programming, music) and educational (art & other YouTube videos) enjoyment at home 💕

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Quick note first, editions for TV’s in general, what with all the amazing technology upgrades, we’ve found, constantly change! So I’m using my general Fire TV search on Amazon, as our current TV, only a year old, with nearly 4000 good ratings, is already unavailable! The good thing is, we had a tough time choosing which TV to begin with because there are so many good affordable choices!

We hadn’t gotten a new TV for “many” years, and so our view (literally 😊) of how our relatively new Fire TV looks and sounds may be a bit more biased than otherwise, lol!

So first off, our subjective review based on our previous TV viewing experiences –

  • Picture is outstanding clearer, yet not cut-out fake 3D looking
  • “Much” richer yet still slightly soft colors – very pleasing
  • Easily discernible colors and depth in the shadows!
  • More encompassing sound
  • Big! 😊

Alexa is of course available and I’m pretty sure wife and I’ve only scratched the surface of what we can do. Our 7 year old grandson on the other hand, is a mini-Spock or Captain Kirk manning the household’s spaceship TV ❤️

Most everything we want to do (and know about) with our new Fire TV is wireless (built-in)

  • Internet hookup to Google Fiber
  • Antenna for over the air broadcast channel capture
  • Receive network TV shows (including PBS, ABC etc) from our new Amazon Recast box wirelessly (I’ll be reviewing our Recast box in another article, but beats paying for Cable easily!)
  • Easy wireless reception of subscription programs directly through Amazon Prime such as (our fav) Acorn TV (the page for Acorn TV has “lots” of programs we’ve seen or are watching, some of which I’ve reviewed and are noted further below)
  • Easily watch tons of movies (many free) with great picture and sound 😊
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And, small but significantly, we saved money and gain convenience via having Amazon’s most up-to-date Fire TV remote included with our Fire TV.

Additionally, since we get our add-on subscriptions, like Acorn TV, via Amazon Prime, it’s easy to call and get assistance about getting the programming to work easier. Very valuable for us 70 year olds, lol!

I know there’s more good things I can say we both like with our Fire TV and will update as things come to me. Bottom line is we’re very pleased!

Plus, we later found out later our tech savvy son has had Fire TVs (yes, plural 😏) for “many” years, lol! 💕 I truly think he was a bit amazed we (sorta) caught up! ☺️

Thanks so much everyone! Enjoy! 😊

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About My Amazon 2020 Affiliate Blog Post Series

My goal is to feature items from a variety of categories – art of course, but food (important during the pandemic), clothing, household items, plants/planting, and really anything my wife and/or I have gotten, liked, and can recommend directly ❤️

I don’t have a posting schedule planned, more of an “as able.”

With working to stay healthy (exercise, sleep, good eating!), enjoying creating art, and family, my blogging is very “as able” lol!

If you have a question about a product I feature in this series, please feel free to comment & I’ll do my best to try and answer or point you where one might find more info.

Thanks so much everyone! Enjoy the holidays! Moderation may be a bit easier this season than usual at least ☺️ so stay healthy! Be creative, and enjoy!


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • Hahahaa, it may “sound” like I am, but believe me, we spent a little bit of time w/both Google Fiber and Amazon (both usually really easy to get help from) making sure we set up right. Some things were really easy, easier than a few years ago when we 1st tried Google Fiber. The Fire TV, with the included current top tier remote, is wonderful. I was embarrassed to say but our “newest” tv we happened to get in 2010 after we retired and went to Galveston a bit before going to Vermont. So that’s why I say this was a huge major improvement in TV viewing for us, lol! The colors and depth perception and shadows especially! 😊

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