October 08, 2021 – Girl on Bicycle Study 1 v2, #Watercolor on Paper; Masking Fluid Removed, Minor Adjustments = Similar Yet Different Picture : Calling it Done!

I’m sensing a strong pattern right now in any of my work with masking fluid involved – ie, nice image with my paint overlay over the masking fluid, and a differing yet pleasing picture emerges.

I continue to be concerned though, because I’m liking my painting overlays incrementally more each time. Though somewhat messy in low resolution, and the revealed maskless-fluid much to my liking, the higher res / real life pre-masking fluid removed image, felt really nice. Flush. Soft.

Yet, looking at both versions side by side below, I’m happy with the masking fluid-less 2nd version. Yes, I miss “things” from the 1st rendition (esp the lower foliage between the two trees), but feel I gained a significant sense of dappled light. Plus places on portions of the new surface have a differing sense of plushness and softness, interspersed with striplings of dappled sensations (esp on the figure, incl her cap, and on the deeper blue and green colors left and right of the figure).

My concern is, not if, but when will I regret using the masking fluid?

And will it be a one-off, a learning-how-to-use the application of masking fluid differently, or something else I haven’t come head to head with yet, for good or for bad? Like maybe a better developed intuitive or even calculated sense of where to apply my masking fluid.

I don’t know. Not yet anyways. And not yet on another figure painting in progress either, larger, a 16×20, on canvas on light molding paste – just hoping it continues to come out as well as it’s doing right now.

Meanwhile, I’m letting v2 of this newer work sit so I can visually think on it a bit. Hoping to be able to show you that one soon 😊

Stay well everyone!

Enjoy the conundrums and contradictions! In creative work they’re called opportunities, though often prefixed with a colorful term or two ☺️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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