December 08, 2021 – My New Minimalist Art Experiment, “#AbstractMinimalism 2” – Umpteenth Photo Capture, lol! 3rd Upload Version to #FineArtAmerica! I May Have it!

Finally, with a particular lighting, and using my Canon compact, and – adjusting the photo a bit with both my iPhone’s image settings and in Affinity Photo, I think I have about as close as I’d get without a professional scan.

The color and texture nuances along are worth the extra effort, plus getting those gorgeous subtle rouge and bluish shadings — all possible via the extra thick application of Light Molding Paste I used.

Below on the left is my original capture, with my current capture to it’s right.

Though I like the light coral creamy look of the prior version — the right side (though still not perfect) is a closer match to my actual painting. But a light coral version in some rendition or other will come eventually 😊

Thanks so much everyone! Stay curious, creative and safe! 💕

The paintings link for my site  🎨 👩‍🎨

ps – Abstract Minimalism 1 may finally be done, but I’m letting it sit, then will see ’bout capturing those pale variations ☺️


Related image, 8×8 gallery wrap oil on canvas, early Dec 2019 —
Woman in Moonlight circa 2019 ❤️ Adan’s PhotoPoems 💕

Woman in Moonlight

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