December 17, 2021 – 3 Ways (so far) I’ve Found (that I like) For Signing My New Heavy Textured Paintings, But Still Searching

Sample sig on painting, white paint
Sample sig on painting, white paint

I like my sig on my work to fit, relatively easy to see, and not difficult to find either, lol!

The problem arises to begin with because I’m filling the surface of my canvas in a way I also don’t want to disturb the work, otherwise, I can paint my sig when finished, carve it into the paint before it dries, or literally, use my Light Molding Paste I’d used to help create my more recent work, to create a raised sig.

What I found this morning though was, the latter option, being translucent on its own, had “disappeared” into the background. ‘Course I can paint the raised letters, but again I’m doing double or triple work to get my name on my painting – whew, lol! 😊

I’ve decided, for now, after viewing “lots” of signed work over the years by artists, I’ll just have to paint over a nifty looking textured area. I’ll see how that works – wish me luck!

Below are 3 more close-ups of various ways I’ve tried signing lately —

Please note : for my Gallery format images below, tap any image to see at full screen 😊

One thing I haven’t tried yet that might work is, because the molding paste does lightly raise the lettering but then disappears as the paste becomes translucent, maybe I can mix it with a paint color before hand, and see how that works. I’ll let ya’ll know 😊

And one last thing I just tried, which is one of those refillable paint pens. I filled it with white high flow paint (not cheap) and when I tried to re-put the pen back together, lost one of the parts – it’s got a spring, a couple of tube things, etc.

Refillable pen with lost part
Refillable pen with lost part

I “think” the missing piece fell into my paint trash bin by my easel, but I emptied and examined everything I could find 1/2 a dozen times with absolutely no luck! My caution to ya’ll is, unless you’re nimble with your fingers (mine, though long, are also kinda big and stubby) or have someone around who’s good with small messy paint parts 😏 then I’d pass on this option, lol!

So, if anyone has some suggestions re good ways to sign one’s work, please leave in the comments – thanks everyone! Stay well! 🙏


ps – my 16×20 featured in my tweet below is also quite textured, and in a rumply sorta way, but, it’s large enough to take the size sig I am able to paint onto a canvas & still look good; it’s my 6×6’s that are challenging me 😊

Direct link to my blog post featuring “Peace” above 😊
December 12, 2021 – My Most Viewed Image This Past Week @FineArtAmerica, Peace

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. Dolly, that would be a gift for both of us, lol! I’ve sent you an email 😊 It’s such good timing ’cause I’m literally preparing a page ( vs a blog post ) for my site, starting with a few paintings & adding some each week; I literally have hands’ full of work I haven’t had time to show or post. Now I know I better get on it! Thank you so much, Dolly! ❤️


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