December 18, 2021 – How I Came to Like and Finish My Little 6×6, The Smile in the Moon

The Smile in the Moon ©Felipe Adan Lerma, in-progress Dec 2021
The Smile in the Moon ©Felipe Adan Lerma, in-progress Dec 2021

This was a real challenge for me, how to keep the bulk and integrity of this small pink work, a work I really really like, but felt was a touch too stark.

The signature portion, a problem I mentioned last post, was relatively easy this time with that nice extended clear area bottom left.

From the start I wanted to paint the sides pink, plus bring pink into the front of the canvas close to but, if at all possible, not to the image itself.

It didn’t turn out to be too terrible a task, mostly asking my wife what she thought ☺️

But because I’d recently blogged about 2 paintings that were literally destroyed, and how new images were rebuilt on top of them – that The Smile in the Moon came out so much more easily than’s been the case lately with my smaller work, is one of those little blessings that’s a huge relief! 🙏

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The Smile in the Moon ©Felipe Adan Lerma, completed Dec 16, 2021
The Smile in the Moon ©Felipe Adan Lerma, completed Dec 16, 2021

The reason the pink bordering works so well though, I think, is that it’s pale enough and dim enough it both softens the intense bright pink, and, lets the moon shine its smile all the clearer 😊

Plus, with a clean corner spot I had no trouble signing this small work, unlike the problem I talked about last post with tiny pieces, lol! I hope to have this small work uploaded to Fine Art America soon!

Stay well everyone! Counting those little blessings sure makes a big difference 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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