Two Plus Weeks left in Kindle Unlimited – What to Do, What do Do…

One Night in the Hill Country med v3Two Plus Weeks left in Kindle Unlimited –

What to Do, What do Do…


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One Night in the Hill Country

Currently available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited

Three thoughtful 4 Star reviews:

“…especially liked that the children were integral to the plot and the action. They were smart, brave, and ready to help each other in a terrifying situation.”

Rhonda, Texas


Original fiction, photo-memoirs, and poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

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Two Plus Weeks left in Kindle Unlimited –

What to Do, What do Do…


December 6, 2014

Category – Platform Advantages


Pros & Cons, So Far

Sales aren’t much better, neither are borrows. So I started looking into what it’d take to go wide again – whew!

Except for D2D’s apparent ease of platform, not sure I’d put everything back out everywhere.

And for my lower priced items, which is most of my titles, even Amazon’s current low pay-out per borrow for authors in KU, a dollar something, is 4x what I’d get having the same titles elsewhere. Including, ironically, on Amazon outside of Kindle Unlimited (KU).

the old american artist audiobookA few, a very few titles, never seem to sell on Amazon, but, like “The Old American Artist,” do, on Apple, sometimes Google. The audio version, pictured left, is of course a separate thing.

Plus, with image books, unless I want to shrink the image file sizes, which limits their clarity after a certain degree of enlargement, I’m also better off via Amazon’s larger file size limit. Only Apple competes on that level, and that would require direct uploading.



Best (Current) Bet

driving to boot camp night IMG_5116…with just over two weeks to go for the majority of my titles, I lean toward doing another 90 day lap.

Reminds me of some of my early morning fitness boot camp work outs – once the workout starts, gotta stick it out, even if I do have to pause now and then to catch my breath 🙂

I’ll have a three month KU commitment-ending update in about two weeks.



As always, if you have read a book of mine, honest reviews are an indie author’s best friend. 🙂

I’ve received three very thoughtful 4 Star reviews for “One Night in the Hill Country” and I’m very grateful for the insight and encouragement they provide, thank you!




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    • Thanks Andy, it is, much more so than I expected. I’ve vacillated daily and even intra-daily 🙂 but without a full resolution. Sales/borrows have remained “very” erratic, but overall, comparable to my overall results when I was wide. I’d much rather be able to be in both Kindle Unlimited and wide, but that’s not an option at this time. I’ll definitely have something decided by or before the 22nd of this month, when the majority of my work is up for renewal or not.


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