Playing Your Edge in Yoga or Writing Includes Enjoying Your Sweet Spot

Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga DayPlaying Your Edge in Yoga or Writing Includes Enjoying Your Sweet Spot

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Playing Your Edge in Yoga or Writing Includes

Enjoying Your Sweet Spot


June 23, 2015

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Finding Your Edge

Back a few years ago I wrote a post on playing your edge in yoga.

At the end of this article are links to other posts plus a Google search.

Basically, over simplifying it, playing your edge is the conscious effort of finding how far you can push yourself – safely.

Usually, this is applied to deepening oneself in a specific yoga pose.

The way I approach my yoga edge is to find my set stretch point that my body goes to without much effort, gently breathe my way to a point of very comfortable extended stretch, then slowly see how far I can push my stretch – particularly aiming for correct alignment (vs, among many things, crooked feet or an unopened chest or not having my knee stacked over my foot).

My Sweet Spot

Somewhere from my set stretch point (that happens readily and almost without thinking), and where I shouldn’t push without danger of straining or harming myself, I usually become quite conscious of a really nice spot.

My muscles are taut and stretching, but not unduly. My breathing is slightly accelerated, but even and manageable. It feels like both toxins are being released and expelled and rejuvenating fluids and minerals are flooding my chest or leg or back or any other area I’m working on.

It almost feels delicious.


Once I recognize deliciousness in my being, guilt gently knocks at the breezy open door of my conscious mindfulness, and says, “Ok, get back to work. Push that edge. Touch that floor.”


The same thing happens to me as a writer.

I get in a zone, a flow, words pour out. It feels good, sometimes exhilarating!

My dialog is sparkling, my descriptions are dazzling, and they even make sense and connect to the story 🙂

And my all purpose internalized friend, Guilt, comes knocking.

“Enough of that. Work on transitions. Where are they?”



Turns out, by a single twist of inventive logic, I’ve decided that, if the edge is the point of challenge, the place where I can expand what I can do and experience (to my benefit no less), and staying in my Sweet Spot has become a challenge to remain in, because of guilt vs laziness, then that delicious spot of allowing myself, my body, my mind, my spirit, to enjoy and internalize the sensuousness of accomplishment, is my edge.

Writing dialog, creating descriptions, connection characters –

Holding a stretch that warms, breathing soreness out –

Or at least one of these…


After all, even if it’s counter-productive to multi-task, it’s nice to admit, there’s more than one edge, one aspect of myself, I could work on.

One at a time of course 🙂

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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