Hand-Wrist Positions with Prop Work – a Tidbit Post, # 1

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Inspirations from Life – Thirty Three Years of Poems and Images


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hand-wrist positions with prop work – a tidbit post

# 1





tidbits are, by definition, tiny bits


a google search indicates further elaboration

qualities such as “pleasing” and “choice” are mentioned –

“small” and “bite-sized” also come up…


thus, this series of tidbits, of small bite-sized posts, are both my choice, and, hopefully, pleasing 😉

if this tidbit comes from, or leads to, a much longer, more complex post, a link will be provided –

thank you much


Hand – Wrist Using Props

using props is a natural go-to for me

i consider the use of props a natural extension of what i can do, often allowing me to develop my rom (range of motion) in a manner and to a degree i might not have so easily, or as quickly

a recent post, “teaching limitations = teaching awareness” elaborates on this idea

today, i want to present two instances of two ways i can use my hand-wrist position

depending on my needs or goals, i can either strengthen my wrists, or relieve the pressure on them


The Idea

the same principle applies in both paired pictured examples, with the chair or the block

basically –

do i want to use my wrist to support my weight?

if you are unsure if you should, please consult a medical professional

whether using a chair for a lateral or fwd bend, i can extend my wrist to support my weight


Wrist Extension with Props Examples


Wrist Extension Using Chair as Prop


Wrist Extension Using Block & Pillow


the above hand-wrist positions, though they can strengthen my wrist, also can put more pressure than usual on them

also note :

1) the standing lateral bend, though minimal in this example, still pressures my wrist

2) likewise, the deeper reach toward the floor (the earth actually), though itself cushioned by both a soft block further softened by a small pillow, also pressures my wrist

there are days this is no problem for me, there are days it is, and i have to adjust my wrist-hand position


Wrist – Hand Alignment with Props Examples


Wrist-Hand Alignment on Chair


Hand-Wrist Alignment with Brick

notice, though i describe these two latter images as showing a hand-wrist alignment, both the hand and wrist are actually also aligned with the forearm

though my wrist is not being taxed, or strengthened as in the first two images, the increased degree of alignment is providing me with a great deal of structural bone support

and aligned bone support or stress seems to promote bone growth

please see yoga journal‘s may issue for the article “good to the bone” by catherine guthrie

an online article on yoga journal’s online site by the same name, but by linda sparrowe, appears to be similar though different enough i think both would be good to read


whether a person is getting old(er), needs the use of props, or simply likes how props make you feel when you use them, i’ve found that learning to use props in different ways helps me become more aware of what i am experiencing during yoga

and gradually, it seems, as it’s often expressed in yoga, beyond the mat

namaste – con dios – god be with you


tidbit series



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