In Defense of Renoir, Art Criticism via Eric Wayne

Renoir: Luncheon of the Boating Party, 1881

In Defense of Renoir, Art Criticism via Eric Wayne
— with lots and lots and yes, I mean, lots of visual samples of Renoir’s work ❤️


This is a reblog I’ve been wanting to do for awhile but hadn’t been able to work in. My own work, at least in painting, leans mostly toward an Impressionist style, so I’m very glad to finally present Eric and his art essay.

As the title indicates, Eric is defending an artist I’d always assumed was still one of the most beloved of all time, and especially among the impressionists. Renoir is my wife’s favorite artist, and 1-2 with Monet for me, the two often switching positions as to which is my fav, lol! 😊

I won’t do any of the heavy lifting regarding the “defense” of Renoir. After reading Eric’s long but exceptionally thorough critique, I feel I both know more and can refer back to Eric’s thoughts for any intellectual understanding why both my wife & I feel as favorably toward Renoir as we do.

The article has an Intro, and two main sections

  • Part 1: Renoir Sucks at Painting
  • Part 2: Renoir is a Sexist Pig-man

Keep in mind Eric presents what he’s seen or heard as criticism of Renoir as an artist, then details very clear rebuttals, many of which are presented – I think – in a wry entertaining, almost sardonically satisfying fashion 😊

Also, considering that Eric’s own work is “very” contemporary and digital, and to me very sci-fi-like, this is also a testament to Eric’s awareness of art as art, painting as painting, and differentiates in a keen mental awareness (even more in some of his other essays) between what’s a gimmick, and what is art.

As mentioned at top, Eric also includes tons of visual samples of Renoir’s work, and has an interesting comment thread 😊

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Thanks everyone!


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